Friday, January 12, 2007

Well what do you think????

Do you like my new clock????? The rubons were the most expensive thing - the clock hands etc were a $3.00 job from swap meet a couple of years ago and the 16 x 16 canvas was $5.00, a couple of MME pp and some rubons I have been wanting to use for a while.....

LOL - I love it! Need a few more numbers as I used them all on Sandra's Advent tree and have a voucher so just need half an hour tomorrow. I love it but

RACH..................... how have you attached your mechanism - I have a feeling the hour hand is a tad behind cause I haven't attached the back mechanism properly - how did you do yours lol!

Well Gary is back :) :) :) and this week has been an absolutely MAD week - orders left right and centre - thank you mum and dad for Jess's and chionia's dvd player as they have well and truly used it this week in the car while I have been picking up orders and delivering them. Grateful Gary is back

Jess finished her swimming classes today - has progressed from half way through Certificate 4 to half way through cert 5 - seeing nearly other kid in her class was 2 yrs older than her very happy - although she didn't do as well when they went into the COLD pool lol.

Neighbours son birthday we have just come home from - chionia went down as soon as her head hit her little pillow - Jess and Gary are still there not far behind so thought I would catch up in here

BIL and FIL went to melbourne today for Uncle Frankies funeral on monday - hope it all goes well as I haven't heard anything apart from the plane being delayed.....

A couple of births this week to a couple of Friends - COngratulations to Fo and family on little Max and Sarah Mc on Erin's quick arrival on Wednesday! :) Both very cute bubbies :)

Well off to think and plan the next class for Di's - lots of ideas forming - exciting stuff coming up and while I think of it

PERTH GIRLS - on Sat 20th and sun 21st Di is having 50% off a lot fo various different stock - well worth a look and you can grab a bargain or two!!! Contact me for more details!

Take care :)

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Julie said...

Loving the clock Mel. I may just pop into Di's and check out the sale.

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