Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jess + Art Extension Programme

Must take after her mum!! Jess got selected from over 500 students to be one of 18 given the chance to be part of this program. YAY Go Jess :)

and a quick post and run seeing we are off to N&M new house :)





Friday, February 5, 2010

Tickled pink - I have a covergirl!!!!

lol what a wonderful surprise I got this morning - Thanks Ellen for scanning it and emailing it to me!!

Very busy couple of weeks here - Girls started back at school this week so I reclaimed my house from the summer holidays - toys picked up and put away and a good proper clean throughout!! Feel so much more organised now :)

Chionia is now in Preprimary - we are slowly (very slowly!) working our way up to 5 full days a week in week 5 :) Jess is now Yr5 (where did that go!!!) and atm her classroom is currently in the library whilst they wait for a demountable classroom to be set up in a couple of weeks! Jess (and Chionia) got their haircut and this is as short as I am allowing her to cut it!! It does look really nice and so much easier to look after!





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