Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remember me saying a few weeks ago....

that I had been creating some special projects...well now I can reveal!!!! Twiddleybitz is now available in America :) :) and it has made it's debut at the Winter CHA in LA!! This means my projects (and the rest of the TBZ DT's projects) are on display at one of the biggest trade shows in the world - pretty cool huh!!!! Select Imports at booth 4418 has all of Twiddleybitz new designs on display - pop by and say hello and have a look!!! You won't be disappointed.

My projects followed a fairy theme - How could I go past using G45 Once upon a Springtime with the new releases by Twiddleybitz - once again made for each other :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A new me

no more excuses and a bit more effort on my behalf this year..I have all sorts of wonderful things to look forward to such as Bali and Kalbarri Camp mojo and a wedding in Exmouth and another wedding in October where I will have to fit into a bridesmaid dress :)

So how do I go about it....well I have started this week - been very careful watching what I eat and substituting this for that etc and this morning I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program

It is a start.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Master's entries, floods and new babies :)

What a busy couple of weeks. This year we have not booked anything too far has been absolutely wonderful to hide out at home with the pool close by for that refreshing dip (we have a very cold concrete pool which most certainly retains the cold!). Girls have been busy not doing much! Sleepovers and playdates which extend from several hours to ongoing several nights in a row are the norm here atm!

I actually managed to complete quite a few special projects which I will be able to showcase in the next couple of weeks but here is a sneak peak....using Twiddleybitz and Graphic 45 of course :) One of my favourite combinations :)

We have also been to the beach - discovered a yummy fish and chip store close by (nothing worse than greasy ickky fish and chips!) - fish and chips on the beach at sunset is a beautiful way to end a hot day!! It also happened to be the day of the Lake Clifton fires down south - despite no lives being lost it is a tragedy for all involved, from the 10 homes lost to all the livestock and devastation that it brought with it all because of some stupid idiotic people who think starting fires is fun - if it was up to me I would put them on a stake in the middle of a bushfire and see how they like it...... Photo's from the beach that night at sunset were awesome and it wasn't until I got home and looked at them I realised it was due to the smoke from these bushfires that was on the sunset...

Then on the same day the devastating news of the Queensland floods started to emerge which seemed to get bigger and bigger as the week went on - I was glued to the tv in the hope for good news but it didn't - the tv footage was extroadinary to watch and although I feel very helpless being on this side of the country I am so proud to be an Aussie watching how everyone has rallied together in times of a crisis. My sister and family has delayed going home to Brisbane by a week so hopefully various services such as power and getting around the city will make things a bit easier for them especially with a 3 week old bub!!! Hopefully there isn't too much mess for them to clean up once back either....

Weekend just gone we went down to Footprints at Preston Beach (about 90 minutes south of Perth) and had a fabo night with some Italian friends before heading to Just for Fun on Mandurah foreshore on Sunday. What a crack up!!!! Great entertainment for the day and an AWESOME way to wear out the kids - both girls fell asleep within 10 minutes of going home and still went to bed at 8.30pm :) Great day with some great friends :)

lol and lucky last (keep forgetting to post these!!) My masters entries for Scrapbooking Memories last year... I was very lucky (lol or unlucky depending on how you view it!) to receive to Honourable mentions in the magazine for my Single LO and my OTP item. So close but yet once again so far!!!!

My Single was based on the Escape 2 Create retreat I taught at last year in South Australia and although different to my usual colours I love it :) so very glad it got a HM!!!

My Double LO was based on my sailing history - from when I first started on 470's in Brunei with dad to State champion racing Farr 36 foot yacht's - it included memorablia from newspaper clippings to the Ship Captains hat pin I received for sailing in an international competition when I was 10.

Lastly my OTP - a Twiddleybitz jewellry box :) This currently resides by my bed and I use it to pop my earrings or jewellry in each night - LOVE it :) and very me :) THe magazine didn't show inside of it which I love too!!

I am also an Aunty again to gorgeous little Kimberly who was a bit impatient arriving 13 weeks early and all of 1kg - All are doing very well and going great guns - means we get to babysit Alice a bit which I have no problems with - she was so cute here this morning and I even got a beautiful snuggly cuddle from her!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 :)

For the first time in years we have had a very peaceful finish and start to the new year. We were going to head down south for a few days but haven't made it there...instead we have been sitting back by the pool, having nanna naps and generally ignoring the rat race outside our home :) And it has been so nice just to stop and do nothing and not have to be anywhere!!

A bit of hot weather since Christmas with a few 40 degree days etc hasn't helped hehe - made the office to hot to sit in though so I have been fairly absent from the computer although having the FB app on my new ipod is just wonderful!!! Can sit and FB whilst watching Chionia in the pool!!

Looking at the above photo's I have used another app on my ipod - classic camera and the hipstamatic ones :) Having fun!!! I even cooked the yummiest seafood meal a few days after christmas using a recipe app on my ipod - yep - just plugged in seafood bbq and under 60 minutes and voila up popped a recipe that was so so yummy!!! :)

Christmas :) more subdue for us this year which looking back on it all I loved.....We got a chance to see what the girls got from who and it wasn't so stressful or overwhelming...

Girls got spoilt as usual lol - Justin Beiber tickets and Wii games, Tinkerbell fairyland, netball hoops and balls - clothes and shoes and bracelets!!! :) I tried to use the theme old fashion games for their presents this year. So they received gifts like rubiks magic and the good old rubiks cube as well, puzzles, slinky (the metal one - only the best!), yoyo's, bubbles, frisbee's Boogie boards and skimmer disks :) Just like the good old days!!

Still need to edit those photo's!!

Boxing day Ben came over for the day :) So we showed him fun in the pool with water fights against Uncle Gary and then of course seeing he now has a brand new baby sister introduced him to Barbie dolls :) Girls love having him around to play :)

As I mentioned there is a new addition to the family - Miss Charlotte Rose or Charlie as she has been nicknamed :) so gorgeous - got my new born baby cuddles on Christmas eve when she was barely a day old

I was also asked by Miss Sherry Mendoza on Christmas eve if I could do the example for this months Camp mojo challenges!! Had to be in by Boxing day night - nothing like last minute projects hey!! So using my photo of Miss Charlotte created a canvas for her :) Add some Graphic 45 and Twiddleybitz and you can't go wrong lol!! The challenge for this month was to stamp on fabric so although you can't see it on the whole photo as such the close ups show off the details..... stamping into texture paste on the canvas, the fairy wings and the butterflies were stamped onto calico :)

Well the office is getting hot again so time to go and gather up all the wet towels and hang them up ready for another day by the pool :) Stay safe everyone :)

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