Sunday, July 29, 2007

3 Angels Scrapping cyber crop - challenge 3!

Well have completed Challenge 3 of the cyber crop - have no purple pp or cs so that will wait till tomorrow and I may get Challenge 2 done this arvo if I am lucky! Posting all the photos here as I don't want to hog the gallery at 3AS!!! Thanks for looking!

And a couple photos of the baby tin I am working on :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some cute photos!

Just a couple of photos! Chionia's mischief - something that happens a bit to often , Chionia getting the cat to smile for the camera and jess and me! lol forgot to say - I have had a haircut - now have a full head of blonde foils (love them!) and a fringe lol - will take a photo later hehe

House full of sickies ... or are they....?

Well school went back Tuesday but here I am later with everyone home sick with something different. Got a phone call yesterday about 1pm to pick Jess up as she was sick. Went and got her - she had a headache and didn't feel well. Gave her some nurofen and set her up on the couch all snuggly and warm. Gary got home not long after - he went to the Dr's in the morning (locked his keys in the car and I had to go and get him half way through a class!) and is on antibiotics for a sore throat. THen at 3pm I get a call from Daycare saying Chionia had a temp of 38degrees and so off I went to pick her up - dosed her up with nurofen and tbh they both seem fine to me now...... running around screaming and playing atm.

Not much scrapping from me - half way through a baby tin for Chionia lol! There is a cyber crop at 3 Angels this weekend which hopefully I can attempt and maybe even join in on the chatting this time - pity they are a few hours ahead as by the time I have settled the kids etc most of them are either away scrapping or gone to bed :(

Everything has gone quiet so better go check the girls.... up to mischief no doubt!

oh and a huge

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY for yesterday Lisa! :) :) :) Hope you had a good one!

Take care

Monday, July 16, 2007

How many sleepovers does a 7yr need???

School holidays and Jess is bored so what happens - sleepovers :insert crazy icon here:! Sat night was a sleepover party at Kaila's - I believe most of them (not Jess) were still awake at 1am. Jess also had Emily here Thursday night and Annie last night and will have Shelby tomorrow night! 4 in less than a week!!!! Roll on school!

Blogger playing up a bit - it doesn't want to upload photo's - keeps jamming half way through! or saying it is uploaded and they aren't - any idea's???

Anyway here is a link to PB in the meantime -

Um Chionia getting better - last night was the first night in a week or so that she slept through without coughing YAY!!! And we all slept in till 7am Double YAY!!

Kids classes are going well - 11 at the last one - and have the photo frame Friends class tomorrow.

Car has been playing up again - First friday of the hols it comes up with EAS fault - we supposedly had this fixed at Christmas time....... Gary took it in Wed - they cleared the blockage in the switch - all ok - Friday it happens again as I was driving up Wanneroo Rd - took it straight back to them - they didn't charge me but this time it come up with a reading on the computer which our car shouldn't have given them so they have no idea what is happening and may need to replace the switch thingy they put in at Xmas ggrrrrrr - may not be able to go to Dunsborough if I don't know if it will be fixed.....

OK better get the girls organised and drop off a tyre that need reflating at the tyre place and then some shopping for clothes for Gary :)

hhmmm photo's have uploaded now hopefully!

Take care all

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Suppose to be doing bookwork but need 5 minutes break! Completed a mini album on the weekend using tranparencies - love the effect and very different to scrapping with paper!

School holidays have started and within one hour of school breaking up Jess muttered Mum I am bored! I think it could be a long 2 weeks! Chionia had the most crappy day on Saturday - so grizzly and grumpy and sooooooooooooooooooo naughty.... was glad to put her to bed that night - Gary even called me half way through a kids class with Jess in tears cause Chionia was doing their heads in!!!! I think she is getting her two top molars..... hate teething lol

I have done a couple of kids classes so far these hols - the kids really love them but BOY what a mess to clean up afterwards!

Blogger playing up and won't let me add photos or a title - big sigh - will be back

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Merit Award for Jess :)

Jess got a Merit Award on the last day of term for her excellant writing - she produced a report on Earthworms! YAY WELL DONE BEAUTIFUL.

Chionia on the other hadn has driven us all completely round the bend today - not sure what is wrong with her but she is a right old grumpybum...... Took her 3 hours and a lot of work to get to have her sleep and she woke up in just as bad a mood as when she went to bed. We think it is her top molars coming through - they had better make their appearance quickly or we will go insane! lol

Kids classes have commenced for the school hols and took my first one today! The girls were great and produced some wonderful frames for their rooms :)

Made an alfresco tile during the week - sooooooooooooo easy to do but a bit time consuming in waiting for each of the layers to dry - took me three nights to complete but probably a total of 30 minutes working on it!

Other than that working on a mini album which is quite fun to do a bit daunting at first due to the transparencies but am loving it. Also finally sent in my entry to the masters - roll on August and lets hope for a phone call!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I Made it to the Top 30!!!!!!!!!

Well it is official - I made the top 30 in Scrapbook Creations Colour Comp!!!!! YAY for me :) :) :) I got my LO back today with a letter. Here is the LO :)

Had a scrap marathon of a crop day/night on Sat - although I didn't go until the arvo and I had Chionia - I then went home fed the girls and bathed them before taking off back to Di's where I started on July's challenge kit and the kids classes

Other than that been wet and windy and rainy here. Also trying to sort out my computer - not sure it may have a virus on it but it all started to go haywire when microsoft downloaded new software....... and apparently it doesn't like msn so I have done a system restart which seems to be working - now scanning for virus's and will be updating the system in the next couple of days!

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