Monday, January 29, 2007

Hasn't it been hot ......

4 days of 38+degree heat and 3 of those days above 40! Huge lightning storm last night and we lost power for several hours - had 5 fire engines fly down our street about the same time. We had Tom and Bianca as well as the Martin family around for a swim so that started about 3pm. Jess had spent the arvo in the neighbours pool - came home very tired and not feeling well which escalted into her throwing up while we had no power so sitting on the couch in th garage with the doors open watching the storm with everyone here and her not well....... Got her to sleep and then she climbed into our bed with a raging temp about 1am - she still isn't quite right today though...... Too much sun I think.....

Went and saw Di at the shop while Gary looked after chionia. It was a bit quieter - the shop has been doing so well lately - a lot of new goodies in and figures are well up on previous years for Di so I am really pleased for her - she loved what I had done for classes and got a bit emotional - she is finding things are slotting into place with the fantastic staff she has in Jodi and Nicole - Di - be proud of what you have achieved - you have a fantastic shop with wonderful staff helping you!

The boy version of the hinged canvas for the class - can't find the camera to load the clock I did for the shop - will upload that soon

And the pages I did for the shop's scrapping tips journal

Janica's 18th on Saturday night. As chionia had been throwing up all the night before we didn't stay late. Made a keepsake book for her which she reckons "rocks" so I am glad she liked it. It seems like yesterday that she was my flowergirl at our wedding - time flies!

Been busy catchingup on some circle journals as I have been slack and not done any for a while - only 2.5 to go and I will be finished.




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