Sunday, February 25, 2007

YAY I did it!!!

I managed to do the EB cyber crop (cc) challenges that were on this weekend!!!!

A series of challenges are posted on Friday night and you have until 10pm WA time to complete them! I didn't start until today cause was chatting on Friday night and then yesterday did Jess's room and watched Spy kids with her last night soo...... even with godparents and FIl calling in unannounced I got it done!!! And I really love them too :)

Challenge one - use up scraps - all the chipboard and pp is scraps!

Challenge two - a sketch challenge - I LOVE this one - much better irl!

Challenge 3 - use fabric and stitching - well the flowers Nanna handstitch on an apron of hers that is god knows how old!!! Cut them out cause I will never use an apron! and did a bit of handstitching due to guests time was tight!!!

and finally one I did the night Gary left.....

Thsi is what Jess was up to today with Candice from over the road.
So 80's and Madonna!!!

It is the next photo to be scrapped!

Night all take care :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hiya all!

Ok so over this mining job!

Well Gary finally took off on Thursday arvo after missing the flight at 5.30am due ot nephew sleeping in. - long story - don't need to go there again enough said! if he didn't hit the snooze button and was ready on time they would have made the flight - END OF STORY!!!!!

After several delays and bits and pieces they are now all in Newman for the next few weeks as long as they are back by the 16th I will cope! lol

Have been sooooo busy lately with all sorts of things - work, scrapping, school, life in general.

Did a huge overhaul of Jess's room today - love the end result - let's see if she keeps it clean - anyone want to make a bet?????? Me no!

Um - did a LO of the dinosaurs - very different for me as it wasn't a girly lo!

Other than that had lunch with one of the mums from school Vinnie! great time and must do it more often - can't remember the last time I had even a coffee with a girlfriend or even DH for that fact!!!!

OK time to put Jess to bed and get some scrapping done ;)!

Take care all!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Awesome Dinosaurs

WOW - the Dinosaurs were amazing - very loud and I didn't get that many good shots but here is a sneak look! Well worth it but nightmare parking as usual around Burswood. Gotta run and pick up Jess from a double birthday party home then off to another one this arvo after going to one yesterday as well lol!

Oh and the canvas I made for Emily's birthday today :) It had to be pink and girly!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Walking with the Dinosaurs

Well another week over and time is flying past! SO many birthdays this week so Happy Birthday to Bonnie, Keith, Rada, Di, Maree, Gabby, Emily, Kaiden and Mercedes! Busy doing some monograms for a few of the birthday girls

Anyway my exciting news................

hehe --- I have been asked to be a guest Design Team member of a scrapping online website - will announce who it is when I can ;). It will be in about 4-6 months time so perfect timing for me as all the mining stuff and mad april birthday month will be over!!!!! YAY!!!!! So excited about it! lol

THis week - as I said many birthdays - finally caught up with Peter and Maree and kids last night for Xmas! lol bit late. THe mining contract is still all over the place - the guys were suppose to start on the 12th but I wasn't sending them up there if noone knew we were coming..... So ODG got hold of us and the guys were booked to go up Monday but now it will be Wednesday - just hope they are back in time for my scrapping retreat in March. Can't miss that

Tomorrow we are off to Walking with the Dinosaurs at the Burswood. Mum and dad are coming up from Dunsborough and will be here just in time. Looking forward to it - Jess is excited and it is good that Gary can make it now due to the mining start being delayed - phew!

Last but not least a very good friend gave birth to a little baby boy on Wednesday - Valentines Day - she hung in there for the last 4 weeks with PE and has a few medical problems as such and we finally got to meet little Trevor as he is known at the moment (His big sister Hols calls him that!) 4 pound 14 and 41cm - name to be announced soon - a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS as I know how hard you tried to have him :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

WOW - Exciting news!!!!

I got some really exciting news tonight but can't say much more until tomorrow - it is not what I applied for exactly but thinking about it WOW!!!!!

Anyway - I finished my otp item for the February comp at Scrapapple for the EB scrappers - a box for all my papers and I love it!!!! I LOVE the rubon on the lid and the stamping at the sides using masks - love it all! lol

Here it is!

Chipboard :)

One of the fun embellishments of the scrapping world - CHIPBOARD!!! Yesterdays class was a demo of how to use chipboard so.................. I have painted, inked, covered in patterned paper, distressed, sanded, used Dimensional magic, doodled, used rubons,used eyelets and ribbon and lol not sure what else !!!

Must go and sort out the girls......

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some food for thought.....................

What an interesting few days.

On Monday Di asked me to teach a class at the upcoming scrap retreat the shop is having in cojunction with Just Scrapbooking. YAY - I am thrilled :) :) :) I have come up with a LO with Doodling as the technique and have some great ideas that I can do :) I will not disappoint!!!!! Tell me what you think????? Which LO do you prefer??? My Quirks or Thanks for


However it has caused some ugliness in some people...... The shop did have a couple of other teachers that were to be doing a class at the retreat. Di contacted them on Monday and said that their services are no longer required - this is due to several reasons - they have decided not to teach at the shop until May so to spend more time with family (although by taking on several DT jobs in the last couple of months that rules that reason out!) and (making it hard to establish classes etc), the quality of the album that was presented to Di was perhaps not up to scratch for an ex SM Master - I would definately be disappointed if I did her class and that was what was being taught. Attitude was another point. All of this is a reflection on the shop which I think perhaps they have forgotten and that Di is the owner of the shop and can do as she thinks is best for her and her customers. As for time spent preparing for the retreat - only a few hours completing the mini album. Not really worth compensating for seeing the product etc was free and her choice as well. Also there are whisperings of them opening up an online scrapping store which is most definately a HUGE conflict of interest.

This is where I am disappointed at the ugliness in people. A post has been made in her blog that is very onesided and makes Di out to be the bad one in this. It creates an image of the shop and Di that is not correct. Unfortunately this is where people believe everything that is written in blogs and don't take the time to consider perhaps the whole story....... especially when what has been written could be borderline slander.

Anyway - just some food for thought lol!

Otherwise things are going well here - Chionia is now at daycare and I am enjoying my free (!) time - getting heaps of paperwork done and the little things like food shopping are getting done in half the time. Jess is really enjoying Yr 2, dancing has commenced again.

ANother couple of weeks before Gary heads up North again hopefully for the last time.

Me - busy!!!!!

Oh and while I think of it - someone mentioned that by having the video clip on my blog it will make it harder for you to load....... If it is please tell me and I will remove it! I don't think of these things lol!!


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Started my BOM and a few other layouts too!

OK - very keen interest in a BOM series of classes so I have commenced making it! I have few different idea's and a lot of LO's and we will chose the best ones for a class.

Better run - time to put Jess to bed - SCHOOL tomorrow :)

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