Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some steampunking madness...

Why?? Cause I can!

As you all know I do tend to favour the steampunk vintage style when I scrap so I was in my element creating this for the Twiddleybitz show display project! In creating this project I was able to combine a few of my loves and my secrets with scrapping....

First up Helmar glues.... I have loved these and used them since I started... Whilst they have a great collection of glues for a variety of projects no matter which glue I use I know I am guaranteed the project will stay together and not fall apart with all the rigours of travelling... In fact this project I created interstate and carried it back in my hand luggage - yep placed in overhead lockers and carried around the airports etc!!! Did anything fall off or apart? Nope :)

Second is my chipboard - Twiddleybitz - Having been on their DT since they started it has been a constant in my scrapping so much so I can't imagine not creating projects without it!! :) The best quality of chipboard that doesn't warp or separate with umpteen layers of paints or sprays and mists etc.....

Thirdly - one of my favourite brands of paper Graphic 45 :) No matter what you use I love how easily they work together even though at times the papers can be a bit scary!!! Just start cutting up and playing....

Well enough dribble from me - by using these products you too can create your own masterpieces easily!

Now you can see why I need good glue - Helmar's all the way ;)

Material List
Helmar - 450 Quick Dry Glue, Liquid Scrap Dots, Decoupage and Craft Paste
Twiddleybitz - Funky Attic house, Hot Air Balloon small and large, Lightbulb, Rollerskate (aren't these just funky or what!), Steampunk Cogs Frame, Interactive Cogs Mechanics, Floating Frame
Graphic 45 - Olde Curiosity Shoppe range of papers

Enjoy - I am off to scrap some more - guess what I am using hehe

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Take 5

I had fun playing yesterday with chipboard and Helmar glues and some thing new..... Pop over to the Helmar blog for the details on this LO

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top of the morning to you!!

Hope it isn't as wet where you are today - I needed my bathers on with a snorkle, mask and flippers for the school run this morning lol.... Roll on summer..... please!

Anyway - I am suppose to be doing some boring paperwork but thought I would have a coffee and post this instead... Last month I went along to the Perth Quilt and craft fair - I love looking for new mediums and idea's and discovered something called stoneart.... so bought some and came home to play with a new Twiddleybitz proto type - a TOP HAT!!!!! (hehe it is so new it may not even be on the site yet :P ) and Helmar's glue - perfect combination - especially when I team it up with some Graphic 45 Kraft reflection too hehe!!!

Here is a sneak peak and for further photo's pop over to the Helmar blog. Stay dry and Happy scrapping everyone!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Email help please!!! lol and a New TBZ release.....

In the middle of trying to fix my email - it is saying my account is full despite deleting over 500 emails...... so it suggests opening in Microsoft Outlook which I have done and now it is downloading over 8000 emails that I have already opened in Windows Live..... Can anyone help??? So if you have emailed me and I haven't answered you know why!

Yep another year older hehe Got totally spoilt with new clothes shoes and a gorgeous pandora bead from the girls, a very snuggly rug for the couch and a new vacuum cleaner (I bought this for myself rofl!!! so needed a new one so it was a good excuse!) Thankyou to everyone for my birthday wishes :)

AND now onto what I have been creating the past few weeks.... Next weekend is the Brisbane Papercrafts show and it is one of the best in Australia so I have been busy with new TWIDDLEYBITZ proto types and Helmar glue creating up a storm...

First up is this awesome printer tray in the shape of a house.... a little bit deeper than the standard trays you find so you can easily create little stories in each room :) So easy to put together - My first go to glue Helmar 450 and then wallpapered, carpeted and added roof shingles using the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste - first time I have used this and it is fantastic - goes a long way and gives you a bit of time to make sure you set the paper in the right spots!!!

The rest of the house has been assembled using mainly Liquid Scrap Dots and 450 :) Love creating little scenes in each room. Twiddleybitz will be releasing an awesome little kit to go with the house which has items such as the fireplace, buffet, spiral staircase ( :) ) , phone, tea cup and wine bottles and glasses and cat.... it goes on!!! I also added the little Twiddleybitz table and the 3 frame mirror which I chopped up and put the large mirror in the hallway and the smaller ones either side of the fireplace. :)

And that is only one project I have done........ my others include some funky steamp punk rollerskates and balloons, hats and some new mixed media stone stuff..... birdhouses and money boxes.... in fact many different styles and projects!! Sneak peaks to come but in the meantime pop over to the Twiddleybitz stand at the show in Brisbane to see in real life!!!!

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