Friday, December 29, 2006

A couple of Canvas's I have done!

Just popping in the 2 canvas's I have done - One is for Sandra as all her girls have left on holidays or gone to England for a year! THe other one is for Gail's son christening which was the week before Xmas - still running behind times but getting there - half way through COnnor's now!


LOL I forgot to say what Santa brought the girls - Jess got the scooter for the pool with the water gun which Chionia just loves!!! and Chionia got a paddling pool and life vest :)

Hot days, Christmas, Guests and the pool!

Boy - what a busy week it has been since Garys has been back. Last Friday we ended up with quite a few quests using the pool and saying Hi to Gary again. The car broke down :( and had to be towed home - it is still sitting in our driveway - thought it was the battery but still not going and it has all these stupid codes...... something to be sorted out QUICK SMART! lol

My Christmas Eve dinner was late as we had more guests around and then had to clean upstairs - BOY did I spit it with Jess - atm she is banned from going up there....... then mum and dad arrived just in time to put the girls to bed and get ready for Santa :) :) :)

Xmas day
The lounge room was covered in toys, paper and BOXES omg! Chionia soon got the hang of opening up pressies and the girls got extremely spoilt with a portable DVD player from mum and dad (Nanna and Grandad!) to help with the trips to dunsborough :) clothes, shoes, Barbie laptop, talking dolls, chalkboard, bath toys, books, Bratz dolls, Elefun game, ummm.... Me - I got an ipod!!!! haha took me a few hours to set it all up and then the screen kept closing down on me - took it back and they replaced it straight away - now it works and I can listen to Robbie, Gary got clothes and a voucher for 2 to go to an overnight day spa with dinner, breakfast, hot stone massage, arrival gift :) :) :)

Then it was off to Aunty Helens which started with a couple of water bombs and before long the Forbes water fight was in full force - lots of VERY wet people - Santa came and handed out pressies again! a boot load came home and CHionia loves her Dora fold out bed and Jess has been busy with all her craft things.

Sandra and Gordon, Damo and Lisa, and Chris came down to our place about 4pm as we never quite made it to their's! and not long after they left Helen, Tom, Bianca and Jason rocked up for a swim in our pool and to sit back - I think they would have stayed all night if I let them but kicked them out about 10pm - Gary was asleep by 8.30pm!

Boxing Day
Another HOT day and more guests using the pool, Gary went and checked the cray pots with Pedr but nothing and they came around later for tea then Tom and Bianca called in - I left them to it about 11pm - not sure when they all left lol!

Same old - Gary checked the pots again, home just before lunch then I went SHOPPING!!! Got an awesome kettle and toaster (the things that make us happy! lol) and a couple of clothes. Another hot day so afternoon spent in the pool

Thursday Gary went fishing off Two Rocks and caught a 5-6kg Bald Chin Groper - one very happy camper - guess what we are having for tea tonight:) the girls were shocking yesterday and ended up with Jess having a HUGE dummy spit wanting her dad. Early to bed for them it was

Today - Gary is off doing another DTEC course to keep BHP happy and flights are booked for him to go back next Thursday :(

Need to give someone their Christmas pressie today as I only finished it yesterday and with no car atm we won't be going far! lol

Was trying to put in photos but blogger playing up....
will be back later with some!

Take care all

Monday, December 25, 2006

And a couple of photo's!

Well after a busy day phots have finally downloaded and here is a sample collection of the day - enjoy!


Merry CHristmas everyone - I hope you all had a great day and not too stressful - what kids don't know and have to wait until they grow up and kids themselves !!! lol

Well for the first time in years we were asleep by midnight and up at 7am! Gotta love that!

Santa was very generous and spoilt the two girls bigtime!!!!

Photos are ownloading atm but may take a while as there are over 150 + photos!

Great day - some family have just left and DH has been asleep for a while - Jess has been watching her portable DVD player (I have grown in love with this - thanks mum and dad!!!!)

Busy day as always - will post a few pics shortly

Hope you all had a fantastic day full of the magic of christmas :)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gary is home today :)

WEll today is the day.... Gary comes home although I have just received a phone call saying the flight has been cancelled and he will be put on another flight 3 hours later...... Jess is upset!

COmputer died yesterday - my wonderful brother came around last night and fixed it for me - the power supply unit had gone and it only cost $50.00 for Damo to get another from the shops and put it in for me YAY!!!! THANKS Damo! Owe you one!

Also got my haircut!!!! I think it is the shortest it has been since mum made us have pixie haircuts when we moved to Borneo when I was 7!!!!!

Well I am going off to finish the vegie shopping (not much) and one last present (there is always one isn't there) and will now let Chionia go to sleep before heading off to the airport later!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is almost here!!!!!

I can't believe how fast things are going atm..... COuntdown tll Gary comes home and then it is only a couple of days till Christmas

All presents are done and wrapped :) :) :) Thank goodness!

Food list is being made up atm and most of it should be finished in the next day or two.

Work is keeping me busy - will be glad to hand the phone back to Gary when he comes back. Have a few orders to get ready and a delivery to do which I will tie in with going to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Girls are getting excited - CHionia can say Santa - so cute lol. It will be fun this year with Christmas and the girls - can't wait to see their faces Christmas morning. Looking forward to Christmas Eve as well - I am planning a nice CHrissy dinner for just us four with all the trimmings seeing we dipped out last year..... Pool is ready to go and I think it may get used quite a bit on Xmas day judging by a couple of the presents ;) and 36 degrees forecast

Take care all

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scrapping HELP Please :)

Ok I am trying to get this tree done but it just isn't working and I feel like starting it all over again. I will put in the link - any suggestion gratefully accepted! lol

gotta run - trying to get ready for this christening

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crop night :)

A busy few days...

Well yesterday Nick Bonnie and Kate came around and earnt some pocket money by weeding my garden and mowing it - but they had a great time swimming as well :)

Trying to get things done before Gary is back so he can sit back and relax once home - getting there - Ute has been taken to tip and emptied - thanks Tom and Bianca!

Last night was my night off and it was spent scrapping at Di's with some girls from EB - Donna and Wendy as well as some of the ladies from the shop etc. Was goint to do a canvas for Gail but it wasn't working so started on a special pressie for someone else and finished it today and LOVE IT - so glad I have some spare to make for us as well as a few others...

A sneak peak!

Had a fab time and even won a box of flowers :) :) :)

Today we had to get Gail's christening cake so we can take it tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow - will see how we go then a few things planned during the week

Not long till Santa is here - I believe he has managed to get a fun present for Jess and Jess has asked he get CHionia a bubble machine......

Only a couple bits to get shopping wise... and the food stuff but just about there :) Thank goodness...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kids canvas day

What a busy day....

I promised Jess a while ago that I would help her do a canvas and that one or two of her friends could do it to..... well it ended up being 6 girls - I can't believe how catty they can be even at that age - one of them was a bit tired and grumpy and upsetting the others which made it all the much harder but they all ended up with fantastic canvas's for the bedroom walls. it ended up being an 8am to 5.30pm babysitting job as some mums were working etc .........

Jess's is of her and daddy as she is missing him heaps and I think it is gorgeous - we picked out the papers and rubons after daddy left last week and she used a Lo i did earlier for DI's shop as a template. She now has it hanging right where she can see it most of the day in our entrance :)

Phone ringing - it will be Gary :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A better day :)

Well today we decided to have a bit of a slack one :) Still tidying up all over the place and Chionia had a HUGE sleep today and has been much nicer to deal with - I made some Xmas cards - Debbie sent me one that inspired me to make them instead of buying them so got stuck into it as well as doing a LO using the photo of the girls with Santa - I love how it turned out in the end . I even sewed on it lol

I also received my secret santa pressie today from SIne - THANKYOU so much I lov eit all - earrings are a perfect match for my new shoes and like I said a girl can't have too many flowers or ribbon :)

well dinner is cooking so had better get back to it

Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy day

Well today was tidy up day - I can now see the office floor seeing I have sorted out the hundreds of sheets of paperwork for the Newman job. Girls have been....testing me today - CHionia only had 30 minutes sleep for some reason and Jess is missing her daddy. While on a phone call gave Chionia a chocolate from an advent tree (EB girls know these ones! lol) and this is her 5 minutes later - took me longer to clean up!

Time to go them a bath and start dinner - early to bed for them tonight
Cheers :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Slide show!

OK have worked out the slide show I hope so here are some of my lastest bits - jsut need to wrrok out how to put them on the rhs but will have to come back as Chionia is sticking DG labels (dangerous goods!) on herself from the drawer

I can't believe I have a blog!

Well here it is - my own little blog space but......first thing is first

a HUGE BIG THANKYOU TO MASTER RACH for setting it up for me and making it look so wonderful! Clever chick! Pretty clever on the computer as well as paper scrapping! lol ;)

Ok why have a blog - apart from being so inpsired by the EB girls and their blogs I thought it may be a good place for not only my scrapping bits and bobs but also where I can record the girls adventures as such.....

so I am going to sign off for now and go searching for slides etc - Rach said she would do it BUT I will attempt it first (says me who had trouble logging in)

Take care all :)

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