Saturday, November 27, 2010


being semi organised!!!!

Most presents are done and wrapped!!!! Which is good as I only realised yesterday that the girls only have 14 school days left! Christmas lunch is getting sorted - cooked a yummy Jamie Oliver roast on Tuesday night when Dad stayed and omg it was divine!!!! It melted in your mouth along with the porcini mushrooms and pancetta wrapped around it - this will now be on the menu :)

Not long till the dance concert so am expecting lots of extra dance runs in the next few weeks as well. Got 2 out of 6 costumes - same every year - we never really know what the costumes are until the last minute add to that all the end of year / school / christmas do's etc and it can be a bit stressful rofl

Gary and I had our 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday :) xxx we didn't do anything special rofl - Gary was up early to do Damo's pool and then the final coat on Johns pool :) So we had a beautiful bottle of Moet with some prawns, haloumi cheese, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and red onion with lemon zest and fresh herbs from the garden for tea whilst watching Polar Express with the girls :) Here's to another 15 honey :) xx

Been creating a bit too - can't show though for another week all hush hush!!!! But I will reveal my advent creation I did for the G45 advent comp Would love to win the new release....would go perfect with some projects I have to do up!!! :) Check out the projects there are some stunning entries!!! So here's mine :) sshhh rofl!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

35 days till Christmas

and this year I am getting organised... despite the hot weather we have had this week

Yes I have actually made some Christmas cards ready to go...

Yes I have bought some Christmas presents...

Yes dancing costumes are happening - 2 out of 6 done with the tiara and dangly earrings purchased for another.....

Yes Christmas lunch has been organised! A much quieter one this year YAY!!! No repeats of last year thankyou!

Yes I have managed to get some teachers presents sorted too (thanks to the Christmas fete!)

and so you see I am getting there :) :) :)

I know that the next few weeks are going to be soooo busy - Riss comes back beginning of December with a big belly and Ben and Monty :) Flossie is due 23rd December and I already have her Christmas present :)

Dance concert time too so things are getting busy with extra rehearsals etc started to be booked in sigh... This year I have the dressmaker making all the costumes - normally mum does most of it and I manage to do the basic parts of it but I figured I can spend my time doing other things and let someone else do it this year - prices are very good so why not!!!

Calendar is getting booked up....a few classes for Twiddleybitz at Smudge and Sparkles new store YAY!!!! A beautiful 12 x 12 easel with a church (wedding in mind!) and a stunning Christmas tree centrepiece for you Christmas table :) I taught this during the week and LOVED all the trees that were completed - from the stunning black red and cream tree to the glittery shimmery blue tree to traditional colours to soft pink and green - they all looked FABO!!!!!!!

Me been busy playing with some 7 Gypsies printer trays and Graphic 45 and new moulds and handmade embellishments.....just a sneak for you - will show you in a weeks time once I have the final touches on it...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More TBZ releases

Once again TBZ have excelled themselves with OTP projects - these 2 gorgeous shadowboxes are so much fun - as soon as I saw the one with the awning knew I had tot urn it into a Lost and found shop!!! It comes with the awning and fence and ground... I also added to it the TBZ chair, mirror and chandelair and mannequin :)

THen I just had to pop the beach shadowbox with Graphic 45 On The Boardwalk papers!!! As I emailed it to Mr & Mrs TBZ I had to have a little giggle to myself - the figurines on the project reminded me of them - what do you think??? hehe

You can see these projects at the Twiddleybitz stand at the Sydney papercrafts festival on this weekend :) pop over to the TBZ site for further info on where etc!!

Also fete day is tomorrow - still finishing off projects - have no idea if they will sell or how to price them - obviously it is all hand done so how do you incorporate that into the price without ripping yourself off!!!!

These will be up for sale too tomorrow :) Both will be $40.00 (considering the tree sells for $25.00 as a raw kit and the box $15.00) I think it is a good price - what do you think taking into account time and cost of paint, beaded ribbon, paper, flowers etc.......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

oh dear.......

poor blog is a bit neglected lately!!! Been a bit busy ;)

Ok so what have I been busy with!!!

Hubby is home YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Job is finally finished and paperwork completed YAY and Thank god!! :) Here is what he was up to the last 4 months - it is only one side of the track and extends around the corner as well as further back the other way.....Each wall along the train track had a particular pattern which was then repeated on the barrier walls along the new road up the top. It is the largest mural in the world and will be going in the Guinness book of records :) lol lots of hard work and long hours - so proud of him for doing most of it himself!! :)

School holidays in the middle of all of that - stole hubby for a couple of days break in Dunsborough as we had a trip whale watching booked in (Dad won a family pass in a photo comp earlier this year!!) and it was stunning - saw several humpback whales frolicking around and one even came and waved with his fins and rolled right near us :) such graceful creatures and so so beautiful!! Loved every minute of it :)

Getting used to having Gary home lol it is wonderful not packing and unpacking and driving back and forward to Mandurah 2 - 3 times a week :) House and gardens have had a massive spring clean - pool is nearly ready for swimming (36 today summer is on its way YAY!!!)

Got roped into doing a Christmas Stall at the Connolly School fete this weekend ( only had 2 weeks notice - very last minute!) so had a crop day here last weekend where we made cards that all proceeds will be donated to the schools P&C and I will be selling all sorts of delicious Christmas items - all handmade of is just a sample

If you are interested anything (or would like to order kits to do up yourself) come along this SUNDAY 7th NOVEMBER to Connolly Primary School Fairway Circle between 10am and 3pm - would love to sell the lot so I don't have to pack it all up!! hehe

and on that note - will leave you with a scary thought (thanks to Louise W!) - time to unpack Christmas decorations in just 27 days.........

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