Sunday, January 7, 2007

Some Sad News

I received a phone call last night from Garys cousin Dorothy over East who was chasing down Keith as Uncle Frankie passed away yesterday. Although unexpected Uncle Frankie hasn't been in the best of health for the past few years. Now we are organising some flights for Keith to go to his funeral etc which looks like it will be sometime next week. RIP Uncle Frankie. He came and visited us all about 18 months ago - here is a LO I did of the Forbes Brothers.....

Also some good news - managed to score an AWESOME King size bed from BIL :) :) It is now been set up and can't wait to go to bed tonight - NO MORE SQUEAKY BED YAY!!!!

I also was going to enter a cyber crop this weekend but ran out of time etc. I did complete one of the challenges though - Criteria - lazy days of Summer, 1 large photo and 2 small photos and painting and chipboard. The small photo on the right opens up to explain it is Jess's Santa present and how much Chionia loves it! lol.. What do you think????

Edited to add my second challenge from the cyber crop - for some reason it isn't let me log in but I will show you anyway! - It was a sketch challenge - had to follow sketch as well as block journalling and your own handwriting. Done all that - hope you like it - the journalling reads

"A New Hair Do - A New Year
Wow we are in 2007 already. It seems like yesterday we were worried about changing to the year 2000 - would our computers work, Water? Electricity? Now it is 2007! What do I want? Well most of all I want for my FAMILY to spend more time together, to hopefully own our own home soon, to have more "me" time through scrapping and teaching and creating ME again, to be there as a GREAT mum for my kids. I want life to be more fun, to live life more and enjoy it more, discover new things and by reflecting on my journey so far create a better future for my family.

Jess has just arrived home from her sleep over across the road and it is 10pm so now need to get her to bed so I can go to bed in my NEW BED!

Can hear Chionia waking up so had better go - HUGE sleep from her today :)


Julie said...

So sorry to hear your news Mel.

Your page looks good. Love the colour.

Sally M said...

Sorry to hear about Uncle Frankie Mel. I hope your DH's trip east goes OK. Love your Lo's.

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