Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My girls on their first day

Don't they look cute - Isn't Chionia happy lol she had to wear her bag just like Jess's! Jess first day in Year 2!!!! In a split class of Yr1 and 2 - only 5 other girls from Yr 2 in her class - we'll see how it goes. And it was Chionia's first half day at daycare - she enjoyed it but was so excited to see mum when i picked her up at 12pm.


jodyg said...

Yes they do look gorgeous. Love Jess's socks too.
K, to put music on your blog, click that music codes link under my filmclip, select the song you want, copy the code and paste it into your blogs html mumbo jumbo just above or below you links. You'll probably have to change the size to 200 & 240 otherwise it won't fit in your sidebar. I hope that helps.

amanda said...

oh they look adorable Mel.

So proud (Jess) and Chiona so cute!

Glad everyone had a nice day.

thankyou so much for taking the time to drop in and comment on my blog. Your comments really make my day.

Deanne (aka ~Dizzy~) said...

awww, they look so cute Mel. Harley is in a composite class this year too (yr1 & kindy)

and wow to all your cj's and scrapping lately !

Anonymous said...

so very cute Mel!! glad it all went well

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