Friday, March 30, 2007

WOW 998 Views!

OK So who is lurking! lol

Sorry another busy week but I was sick with who knows what and before I knew it the week has gone. Went to go to Di's to get some card for Jess's invites and just around the corner a ~12year had been hit by a 4wd. He wasn't in a good way and NO HELMET - I am sorry please make sure your kids wear helmets - there is a continual game of Frogger happening everymorning on Marmion Ave with kids this age no wearing helmets - I hope he will be ok.....

Just finished some stuff for the class demo tomorrow on Kaisers craft gear! THink I have done most of it already (hint see last weeks otp items! lol)

NIte all and take care - give your kiddies a hug - you never know what may happen to them.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Thelma's Wedding LO

Finally got time to do some scrapping for me! Keith brought around the most gorgeous wedding photo's of him and Thelma from 1953. So I scanned them and in the middle of creating some heritage style LO's with them. I just love the first one I did and now in the middle of another one BUT I got sidetracked lol

Next week I am doing a demo class using Kaiser craft products in the shop - I received my scrapapple prize during this week and guess what - it is a whole lot of OTP Kaiser storage items so yesterday afternoon I got busy painting and using crackle medium on my ribbon holder, utensil holder, craft caddy and waste bin! lots of coats and lots of painting lol!

Better go and get some work done

Take care all! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Where did that week go????

LOL - had three classes this week - plus last weekend - been a bit of a scrappy well hehe - girls being difficult in the morning - busy with work and classes and house stuff and.................. well you know!

Jess - good week at school - had the school disco yesterday where I face painted again and got all of Jess's friends - so not doing the butterfly again!

Chionia - starting to talk heaps and copy what you say - loves doing what we do - while making Donna's clock she was so happy playing hostess with kids plates and utensils she found in the kitchen. Very quick I think

Gary has gone on a fishing weekend to Dongarra. one person has caught a spanish mackeral and Gary has got a few big herring. (where is that Dhufish I am waiting for????)

Me - as I said a few classes and busy helping everyone else :)

Will let those of you know about CHionia's 2nd birthday monday week. - probably a BBQ here.

OK a few LO's and clocks!

Monday, March 19, 2007

YAY for Tracey!!!!!

LOL LONG time between posts!

We got hit by lightning the day after my last post which wiped out half the stuff around the place including our modem (which is how it got my computer which is surge protected)! and other things

A very busy few weeks while Gary was away with lots of drama's which may sort themselves out but atm doen'st look like they will.....

Anyway the computers mother board was damaged and repaired after taking it to "smash your Computer" jangle guys who were fantastic!!! but have had drama's with logging in whom TRACEY helped me with - so one RAK off to her!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Since the last time I posted Gary has finished in Newman thank goodness - was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to have him back. Girls missed him like crazy - as we were waiting in the airport the plane was late and chionia was walking around going DAAAADDDDDYYYYYYY Daddy!!!!! Everyone was cracking up laughing and you should have seen her run into his arms and cuddle him :)

Since then we have had our RETREAT.

What an absolutly fantastiuc Time I had. Can't wait for the next one - although it was hard work (especially for Nicole and Di who did most of it!!) it was just so nice to be with 70 odd scrappers who got along so well.. I didn't get much done as I was busy with scrappers and classes and helping in the shop (just a little bit! lol!) but the LO's I did do are at the top. I met Justine Quinlivan !!! HI there! who is just so kind and helpful and sweet! She has inspired me with her sewing to sew on my Soulmate LO above - will show you the finished LO soon!

So much to do so little time - I have 3 classes this week and already have 12 or so booked in for the clock class which we haven't even set a date for yet!!

Better go and get Jess to bed who has been very tired and grumpy tonight. So great to be able to catch up ! I love reading your comments so now I am bakc let me know who is lurking!!! There may be a RAK in it for you

Take care all


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