Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soooooo excited!!!

It seems like Christmas (or perhaps Christmas in July ;) )

A spur of the moment decision but I have booked into Scraptacular's Retreat in July - in the Dandenong ranges VICTORIA!!!! This is where Gary grew up!!

So far - I will be meeting Rach Kim, Felicity for certain - rofl Flick is my date for the weekend - she has even soooooo kindly offered to collect me from the airport and share a room!!! (PS I just LOVE the card book you sent me this week THANKYOU! again!!) Who knows where I am going but I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Not sure how to pack my scrap stuff to take with me or what to take or how COLD it will be! Now just to find some cheap plane tickets to Melbourne to arrive Friday 18th July (AM so I can go scrap shopping as I can't take it all with me pmsl!) and fly back the Sunday night....... let me know if you see any cheap flights around ok!!!

Otherwise settling into a routine here - Jess loving Yr 3 - lots of dancing - I think I head to Joondalup every Mon - Thurs for some reason or other. Jess has started Piano - walked into the piano teachers room on Sat and a lot of memories came flodding back - just the smell of books etc!

Chionia fell asleep during dinner - on the floor - so tired tonight - she had me up from 2-4am last night - who knows why! and then today had swimming lessons as well. Dropped some dinners off to Maurs so she doesn't have to think about it over the next few nights with chemo - she looked tired but positive and happy - all good.

Off to do some blogging! Nite all and take care :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's DT work :)

6 Angels - 1 Product - Kaiser Pearls and aren't they great!! :)

My LO and closeups :)

and a photo of Jess with Cousin Telia and Aunty Helen with Uncle Neil in the background - very typical of our family get togethers ! LOVE IT :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Look what is in our driveway......

Now it just needs to be fitted out before the boat from Florida gets here!

Been too hot to sit in the office over the last few weeks - today I am official over this humidity - I don't mind the heat but yuk to humidity!

Got these owls a few weeks ago and have been wanting to do a LO with them so voila!

Also here is the Bird journal WITH the bird photo's in it now - couldn't wait for Dad to email them through

Also cards was last weeks DT job at 3AS - here's mine :) This week we all have the same product to demo - some beautiful pearls sshhhhh......

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bird Journal

Don't you just love this free standing butterfly journal I did although I will put photo's of the birds at mum and dad's place in Dunsborough in it!! It's by Twiddleybitz :)
Well Gary's small boat (28foot!) is in the driveway - need to find room as the boat from Florida arrives this month too - not sure where we will be keeping it yet hehe!

Have a house to clean up - Take care :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ahoy there me hearties

Had fun being a pirate at the weekend - Jess's yr 2 class last year had the Pirate theme for their school assembly and whatever pp or emb I put with it back then just didn't work until...I got some Twiddleybits Skull and wings and tribal flames chipboard to use on some design work - add a bit of Hambly overlays and rubons, lots of ink and distressing and voila - Lots of fun with this one :)

Each Sunday we post a new DT lo or work at 3AS -- Last weeks one was a favourite word or phrase - couldn't go past Chionia's I Do Myself! This week we can do cards or an otp - I attempted cards! Will upload some sneak peaks later as I need to take some photo's yet

School has started back and Jess is loving her new teacher. Chionia started baby ballet on Monday and now is practising her fairy wings and picking flower dance moves. Swimming for her starts tomorrow. Jess is back doing Tap modern and Jazz as well as Ballet - a few more school friends have joined in so that is good too :)

Weather is HOT and HUMID here which is yukky..... don't mind the heat but add the humidity and I don't like it! Weather has been weird - last night it tried so hard to rain - we had a couple hits of thunder and about 10 huge drops of rain in the pool then it stopped.....

ok paperwork is calling now....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Woohoo for me :)

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet but.....

I have been asked.............

to join

3 Angels Scrapping Design team YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyy :) Jo actually asked me way back in December as I was going to be a guest designer for January and I have had to keep it quiet till now - when I got GF I contacted Jo and Rosy and let them know if they wanted someone else I would understand - I am sooooo glad they said No we want you!!!! Thankyou..... I have received my first kit for February and have created my masterpieces - will have the first one up tomorrow!!! I must say the kit that was sent to me was just beautiful - so easy to work with and Loved it :)

SO look forward to working with Cat, Nat, Heike Deb and Alison :)And one other thing - some of the scrap sites around can be so bitchy - there are only a few I go to and participate in cause the ladies are so wonderful - EB is one of them as you know but 3AS has a gorgeous bunch of ladies as well so I am lucky :)

Also had my Family clock picked up by SM last week for an otp project and sent it off with list of instructions etc this week - will be interesting to see how it comes up!!

School starts back on MOnday with Jess going into Year 3 - how time flies it seems like yesterday she was in Kindy then PP then Yr 1 and Yr 2 and now we are middle of the school. I am over school hols - I think the girls are too - I don't won't to hear "Mum I'm hungry" or "I'm bored" again lol.

Chionia is Chionia - full of spunk atm and talking so much. Insisting on doing everything herself. We are also down to just a nappy at night time :) Love it and there is no more dummy - Santa took it at Christmas to give to Little Ben! Bedtime has been a drawn out affair though - the other night we put them both down at 8.30pm after 30 minutes of wanting this or that she went quiet and we went to bed had a shower etc - 10pm we heard this funny noise from her room so went to investigate - she had been playing in Jess's room with her makeup and had taken it back to her bed to put on - waxy icky lipstick all over her face ggrrrrrrr..........

Photo's are from the beach - we got fish and chips and went down to the Ocean Reef Marina - was nice apart from all the stupid dogs not on leash's and how tempting is fish and chips for them....

Another thing - my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago - in a way she is lucky - she checks every month (how many of you can say that..........) and has caught it early - however it is an aggressive malignant tumour that is growing fast - they saw the surgeon on Wed who after a core biopsy decided to give Maurs about 3 sessions of chemo to shrink the tumour then hopefully will be able to operate - in the meantime a bone scan and cat scan to check it hasn't spread. Please cross all your fingers and toes - it is so unfair. I want everyone who reads this to promise to do a check on themselves TONIGHT. Below are a couple of links - have a look - double check you are examining yourself correctly! PLEASE - early detection is the key - Look at Maurs - with what appears to be an agressive tumour I hate to think what the outcome would be if she didn't check herself monthly.......

Click on the english version of the tutorial in the first link and watch and learn.

lastly a sneak peak of my LO that I will put up tomorrow at 3AS - sshhhhhhh lol

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