Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My girls on their first day

Don't they look cute - Isn't Chionia happy lol she had to wear her bag just like Jess's! Jess first day in Year 2!!!! In a split class of Yr1 and 2 - only 5 other girls from Yr 2 in her class - we'll see how it goes. And it was Chionia's first half day at daycare - she enjoyed it but was so excited to see mum when i picked her up at 12pm.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Hasn't it been hot ......

4 days of 38+degree heat and 3 of those days above 40! Huge lightning storm last night and we lost power for several hours - had 5 fire engines fly down our street about the same time. We had Tom and Bianca as well as the Martin family around for a swim so that started about 3pm. Jess had spent the arvo in the neighbours pool - came home very tired and not feeling well which escalted into her throwing up while we had no power so sitting on the couch in th garage with the doors open watching the storm with everyone here and her not well....... Got her to sleep and then she climbed into our bed with a raging temp about 1am - she still isn't quite right today though...... Too much sun I think.....

Went and saw Di at the shop while Gary looked after chionia. It was a bit quieter - the shop has been doing so well lately - a lot of new goodies in and figures are well up on previous years for Di so I am really pleased for her - she loved what I had done for classes and got a bit emotional - she is finding things are slotting into place with the fantastic staff she has in Jodi and Nicole - Di - be proud of what you have achieved - you have a fantastic shop with wonderful staff helping you!

The boy version of the hinged canvas for the class - can't find the camera to load the clock I did for the shop - will upload that soon

And the pages I did for the shop's scrapping tips journal

Janica's 18th on Saturday night. As chionia had been throwing up all the night before we didn't stay late. Made a keepsake book for her which she reckons "rocks" so I am glad she liked it. It seems like yesterday that she was my flowergirl at our wedding - time flies!

Been busy catchingup on some circle journals as I have been slack and not done any for a while - only 2.5 to go and I will be finished.




Thursday, January 25, 2007


The whole point of me jumping on tonight was to say to watch this tomorrow - it ends at 14.03Eastern standardtimes :) (WA - 12.03pm _ LUNCHTIME!!!!!!!!)

WE put the counter on Tuesday night at 8pm our time! and it read 3202...... 26hours later there is 4408....... Could be a fun five minutes beforehand me thinks!

OK now it is time to put Jess to bed ;)

Nite all!

Thanks Riss!

My Sister has done a fantastic new header for me -- Gary saw it not knowing what it was for! and loved it! But now to figure out how to put it on the blog.. Will investigate further tomorrow!
Here is a sneak preview :)

Must go - time for Jess to go to bed :)

Jess says " Goodnight and have fun :) "

LOL - jess then says - can we see what they say! hehe


Back tomorrow
Take care

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Been a scrapping lol!

Finished off the boy canvas for the shop and my puzzle!

OK got to go and cover all of Jess's school stuff - hate contact paper......especailly when it is so curly and sticks everywhere but where it should lol

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Playing catch up while I can!

Life is pretty busy atm. Silly car came up with EAS fault again over the weekend and not to drive it over 55kph - not happy Jan as this was suppose to have been fixed early December and the car wasn't working for 3 of the weeks since then....... Anyway they fixed it no charge yesterday but still messed me around once more.

Friday night had a crop night at Di's and it was great fun! Wonderful to catch up with the EB girls and do some scrapping. Byt he time I got home and to bed it was about 1am and then Chionia was up at 2 and 4 and finally 6am - something she has done for the last week - must get her out of it...... Had a class on Sat and came home with lots of goodies to come up with for classes - half way through several projects. Here's one of them - it used to be one of those cheap "made in china" set of 3 jigsaws for kids - well I painted it and scrapped it - still need to do the photos to go on the jigsaws inside yet.

Neils birthday yesterday so went around for nibbles and drinks at 6pm - chionia played running races most of the time and guess what - she slept through until 6am when I gave her her milk and then we all slept in until 7.30am!!!!!! Loving that! lol

Friday, January 19, 2007

Not sure where this week went??????

WOW Friday night (well early Sat morning - just got home from a crop night with the EB girls at Di's :) Greatnight :)

Been busy with work stuff as usual and doing some more otp items which I just love! All will be available in classes if you want to know how! lol Canvas class tomorrow and Gary will be fishing. Otherwise not much else apart from entertaining two bored girls......

A few family birthdays coming up this week - Neil on Monday and Janica's 18th on Australia day. Happy birthday :)

Put Kevins car on Ebay this week - wow what a reaction lol 40 odd bids so far and it is up to $10000.00 with another week to go - lets see what it gets - any guesses anyone??? Here is the link

Better go and get some shut eyes before the girls wake up at 6am! Joys of motherhood lol
Take care

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hinged canvas :)

WEll been busy srapping some ideas Di gave me as a trial run for some classes but Di won't be getting these - love them too much lol Sorry Di! Will make you some more!

Garys first night back and I had a class to give! Gave him some time with the girls. Really enjoying the teaching side of things - hopefullly by adding some otp items to the shop with classes will get more numbers

Lots of visitors since Gary has been back (whats new I hear you all say) I don't mind guests but a few of them do outstay their welcome and don't consider us as a family and respect that we may not have had time together........... Kicked a few out at 1am Sunday morning as we were nearly all asleep in our chairs out the back.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Well what do you think????

Do you like my new clock????? The rubons were the most expensive thing - the clock hands etc were a $3.00 job from swap meet a couple of years ago and the 16 x 16 canvas was $5.00, a couple of MME pp and some rubons I have been wanting to use for a while.....

LOL - I love it! Need a few more numbers as I used them all on Sandra's Advent tree and have a voucher so just need half an hour tomorrow. I love it but

RACH..................... how have you attached your mechanism - I have a feeling the hour hand is a tad behind cause I haven't attached the back mechanism properly - how did you do yours lol!

Well Gary is back :) :) :) and this week has been an absolutely MAD week - orders left right and centre - thank you mum and dad for Jess's and chionia's dvd player as they have well and truly used it this week in the car while I have been picking up orders and delivering them. Grateful Gary is back

Jess finished her swimming classes today - has progressed from half way through Certificate 4 to half way through cert 5 - seeing nearly other kid in her class was 2 yrs older than her very happy - although she didn't do as well when they went into the COLD pool lol.

Neighbours son birthday we have just come home from - chionia went down as soon as her head hit her little pillow - Jess and Gary are still there not far behind so thought I would catch up in here

BIL and FIL went to melbourne today for Uncle Frankies funeral on monday - hope it all goes well as I haven't heard anything apart from the plane being delayed.....

A couple of births this week to a couple of Friends - COngratulations to Fo and family on little Max and Sarah Mc on Erin's quick arrival on Wednesday! :) Both very cute bubbies :)

Well off to think and plan the next class for Di's - lots of ideas forming - exciting stuff coming up and while I think of it

PERTH GIRLS - on Sat 20th and sun 21st Di is having 50% off a lot fo various different stock - well worth a look and you can grab a bargain or two!!! Contact me for more details!

Take care :)

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Some Sad News

I received a phone call last night from Garys cousin Dorothy over East who was chasing down Keith as Uncle Frankie passed away yesterday. Although unexpected Uncle Frankie hasn't been in the best of health for the past few years. Now we are organising some flights for Keith to go to his funeral etc which looks like it will be sometime next week. RIP Uncle Frankie. He came and visited us all about 18 months ago - here is a LO I did of the Forbes Brothers.....

Also some good news - managed to score an AWESOME King size bed from BIL :) :) It is now been set up and can't wait to go to bed tonight - NO MORE SQUEAKY BED YAY!!!!

I also was going to enter a cyber crop this weekend but ran out of time etc. I did complete one of the challenges though - Criteria - lazy days of Summer, 1 large photo and 2 small photos and painting and chipboard. The small photo on the right opens up to explain it is Jess's Santa present and how much Chionia loves it! lol.. What do you think????

Edited to add my second challenge from the cyber crop - for some reason it isn't let me log in but I will show you anyway! - It was a sketch challenge - had to follow sketch as well as block journalling and your own handwriting. Done all that - hope you like it - the journalling reads

"A New Hair Do - A New Year
Wow we are in 2007 already. It seems like yesterday we were worried about changing to the year 2000 - would our computers work, Water? Electricity? Now it is 2007! What do I want? Well most of all I want for my FAMILY to spend more time together, to hopefully own our own home soon, to have more "me" time through scrapping and teaching and creating ME again, to be there as a GREAT mum for my kids. I want life to be more fun, to live life more and enjoy it more, discover new things and by reflecting on my journey so far create a better future for my family.

Jess has just arrived home from her sleep over across the road and it is 10pm so now need to get her to bed so I can go to bed in my NEW BED!

Can hear Chionia waking up so had better go - HUGE sleep from her today :)

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