Monday, January 15, 2007

Hinged canvas :)

WEll been busy srapping some ideas Di gave me as a trial run for some classes but Di won't be getting these - love them too much lol Sorry Di! Will make you some more!

Garys first night back and I had a class to give! Gave him some time with the girls. Really enjoying the teaching side of things - hopefullly by adding some otp items to the shop with classes will get more numbers

Lots of visitors since Gary has been back (whats new I hear you all say) I don't mind guests but a few of them do outstay their welcome and don't consider us as a family and respect that we may not have had time together........... Kicked a few out at 1am Sunday morning as we were nearly all asleep in our chairs out the back.


Julie said...

Love the canvas Mel. I may have to put my order in for one. LOL

Deanne (aka ~Dizzy~) said...

WOW Mel, you have been creating some beautiful stuff !!! Glas to hear the teaching is going well and that you enjoy it. Love lurking on your blog !

amanda said...

These are so beautiful Mel. Lovely work

Riss Plackett said...

Is that Chionia in that photo Mel? It doesn't look like her! Dave's Mum (Amanda's new hubby) is right into scrapping - she did the nametags and invites for Amanda's wedding. Looked terrific. That canvas looks brilliant.

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