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I have been scrapping since the birth of my second daughter in 2005 when I discovered scrapbooking in a magazine that was given to me in hospital. Since then I have worked in the industry in both retail, wholesale and design work with numerous publications in Australian scrapbook magazines. I am lucky enough to be a Stay at home mum whilst running our business from home with my husband of 17 years. I much prefer to scrap than do our bookwork lol!! Whilst working in a retail store here in Perth I learnt lots of different mediums and techniques which I tie in with my scrapping. I am always learning new techniques and love getting inspiration from on the net and magazines and locally in stores.

My style would be definately layered and detailed/busy - I want people to want to look more closely at my work - bit like those story books as a kid where you got to lift panels and find things inside!!! I use a lot of different techniques in my work and most projects take several hours if not days due to the complexity of them. In particular I LOVE off the page items - mainly home decor which I can utilise around the house or for the sole purpose of display work in numerous retail stores here in Perth.

I have been on several design teams - an online store called 3 Angels scrapping which sadly closed down last year due to the owners wanting to spend more time with their families. I have also worked in a retail store here in Perth before leaving and joining the company Twiddleybitz here in Perth which involves me with most stores in Perth whilst teaching to all stores and owners as well as supplying them with display items and some design work as well. Twiddleybitz is a chipboard manufacturer based here in Western Australia and produce fantastic items that are different to what is around and are industry leaders here in Australia. I have also done several guest design spots over the years for various companies.

And this year I have the honour of being on the Graphic 45's design team - a dream come true!! Ask any scrappy friend of mine and they will tell you it is me!!!!! Loving being part of such a creative and inspiring team that I am still pinching myself 6 months down the track :) :) :)

TO me it is all about recording memories and is a hobby I love doing and am lucky enough to be involved in this industry at such a level. Thanks for reading :)

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