Friday, January 19, 2007

Not sure where this week went??????

WOW Friday night (well early Sat morning - just got home from a crop night with the EB girls at Di's :) Greatnight :)

Been busy with work stuff as usual and doing some more otp items which I just love! All will be available in classes if you want to know how! lol Canvas class tomorrow and Gary will be fishing. Otherwise not much else apart from entertaining two bored girls......

A few family birthdays coming up this week - Neil on Monday and Janica's 18th on Australia day. Happy birthday :)

Put Kevins car on Ebay this week - wow what a reaction lol 40 odd bids so far and it is up to $10000.00 with another week to go - lets see what it gets - any guesses anyone??? Here is the link

Better go and get some shut eyes before the girls wake up at 6am! Joys of motherhood lol
Take care


Julie said...

Looking great Mel. Love the star album.

Riss Plackett said...

Is Janica 18? What?!!! Crazy time.

jodyg said...

Love your star album. Your work has such a romantic ethereal quality. Love it. Cool monaro too btw

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