Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something to share

Just a few projects I have been working on :)

Audrey's 80th birthday party yesterday so I made her a book for everyone to sign :) I also made a baby tips and Hints book for my SIL baby shower a couple of weeks ago - forgot to take a photo of it though!!

Just a few LO's I have been working on :)

and a sneak peak at a class example that I am teaching on Wednesday for TBZ :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

OK tell me what you think????

I have had too many emails and customers asking me what I think about the owl LO in the one of the latest mags.....Now I know what I think - what do you?? (remember you can leave a comment annoymously!)

LOL I have just had a phone call from the shop - thankyou about your concern RE Masters - if this affected my chances then I wouldn't want to be doing work for them if that is how they play the game - it should be based on your entries only - I enter the Masters for a challenge - I have always LOVED what I end up creating and the rest of the ride is a bonus!! I know what I think about the LO's - I am just after others opinions :) Thanks though :)

My Masters Entry....

and this Owl LO??

I haven't forgotten Bali!!! I will endeavour to try and do another update this weekend - Just been a bit busy with a mining contract!!!

Went to a seminar on Tuesday night by Odette at Additive Chaos and OMG I learnt sooooooo much. It was awesome and we are now (Jess is loving looking up all the numbers in the handout book) reducing the nasties in our food simply by choosing a different brand! I am really surprised at some of the things eg MSG can also be called Yeast Extract.......what is VEGEMITE made of????

Also did you know that all the lettuce for Mcdonalds stores is precut in QLD then shipped across the country so by the time it is being eaten in your burger it is 4-5 days old - now if you cut a lettuce up and popped it in the fridge - how long would it last before turning brown and yukky....certainly not 4-5 days - think of what chemicals and sulphites they soak it in to preserve it's current state.....Certainly food for thought!!

Must run now - have Miss C's room to tidy up - atm I can't even see the floor...sigh....!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Now I am another year older - am I wiser???

Perhaps not but hopefully less stressed in the future lol!

Life is still busy which is one reason why I have resigned at the shop - don't stress people I am still teaching - I just need to have more hours at home to have things in better order - also the business is going full steam ahead - BHP want us to do a heap of work up north and omg at their paperwork and courses we have to have in place prior!! I have one month left....I am really sad to not be part of it in that sense anymore but family and life come first - hopefully it means I will have more time to create instead of chasing my tail..... The Customers are wonderful people and I do love helping people create their memories - you never know one day I may be back!! But at the moment family is more important!! Hope you all understand!

Also on the scrapping front - Scrapbook Creations have picked up a heap of LO's of mine and want to do a Who's Who of Scrapping on me!! OMG!!! Seems a bit surreal!! There are a few double page ads for TBZ coming up as well and only a few weeks till I fly to Sydney to teach the wonderful ladies at 3Angels Scrapping - Can't wait!!!! Masters is on again - yes I am a sucker for punishment but what do I have to lose - nothing and every year I have created pieces I love.....

EB has gone so quiet - I really don't think it will ever be any where near what it was a year ago....Most of the regulars have slowly retreated and if you are all hiding somewhere LET ME KNOW!!!!! I MISS YOU LOT!!

Bali - lol - still heaps to tell!! Safari park is the next part of our holiday and to me the highlight of Bali - I mean how often do you get the chance to cuddle an orangutan or pat a (very dopey) lion or a young frishy tiger or Chionia's favourite - ride an elephant!! Just awesome experiences you can't miss....If you go to Bali grab the Leopard package from your travel agent or the hotel as this is the best way to complete the park....

Yesterday I turned closer to 40 than that is scary - not is the sense of getting older - just I have never thought about being old!! Weird day all round - ran late for school with the girls, someone not looking just about ran me off the road (same coming home from work with someone running a red light - remember people - COUNT TO 10 after the light turns green before taking off!) but the night ended wonderfully - even with a birthday choc mud cake which I didn't have to organise - a few more pandora's for my 2nd bracelet which we will get in the next week or so - a dressing gown, perfume atomiser, Red Door collection of perfumes and creams and a MIX MASTER - YAY I don't have to hold my beaters anymore - any one want a hand held beater!!! ( Trust mum to remember me doing this at the preps for Chionia's birthday!!! Mwah Mum!!)

My texture paste is dry now and I have a project to work on...;) Will be back with another Bali update soon.

Toodles everyone!! :)

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