Sunday, October 28, 2007

3AS CC challenge 1

my first challenge for the 3AS cc!!!

Got to run - FIL is here - I said to Gary a couple of hours ago - "let's tidy up your father will call in tonight" - we did and he called in lol!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Funky kit :)

Love this kit from Tarisota - extreme BOYZ kit but got thinking next time Jess goes quad bike riding with Candice I will tag along to get some photo's to fill this up as I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! lol

3 Angels scrapping had a cybercrop tonight - once again the time difference makes it hard to participate in the chatting but have got the challenges and may attempt them over the next day or so!

He{art} of the Home

Felt like it has been ages since I scrapped lol. Finished off another Tarisota kit - like this one :)

Be back later - Helen is coming around for drinks this arvo and Josh is staying the night as he is helping Gary early in the morning with a graffiti job.


Oh - Please vote in my poll - it is on the right hand side or if the name you like isn't listed just leave a post!!!! TA :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A New business for me....

With the encouragement of family and friends I have decided to start my own business to do with scrapping :) I have been asked to design a range of chipboard and stamps for a new and exciting company here in Perth and I might as well get it up and going and take advantage of what the scrapping world is offering me atm!!!!

Designing the chipboard is easy compared to finding a quirky fun scrappy business name.....

so what is your opinion or suggestion??????

So far I like

Just Add Paper
Paper Marsh-MEL-low
Forbes Design House
Mels Design house
Mels Memory in a Box
Melanies Memoryworks
Melanies Memory Zone
Melanies Memory Book Needs (or Tools)
Melanies Moments in Time
Remember Melanie
Designs by Melanie
Down Melanies Memory Lane
Melanies Lifetime Memories (or Moments)
Melanies Keepsakes
Picture Melanie Perfect

I saw a poll thingy on here the other day = off to see if I can find it again!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Jess wants to join the circus :) lol

Sunday afternoon we took the girls to the Joseph Ashton Circus in Kingsway shopping centre. It was.......................FANTASTIC! Chionia had a ball and we had ringside seats so she hung off the little fence most of the time. Jess on the otherhand became part of the act when she was chosen to go up on stage and juggle with a clown! She loved it - doesn't she look great - sorry bad place for photo's!!! Everytime I got the settings right - the lighting would change or the smoke machine would go off! I do like the effect though on some of the photo's :)

Scrapping wise - I am designing some kits for the shop - I should have them ready by the end of the week ready for next month. I will post more other exciting news later and no - no phone calls yet lol! ;) Also have a great series of classes at the shop - Tips and Techniques - where we cover a different subject every fortnight - from inking to distressing to chipboard and everything in between! They are good - you end up with a chipboard album at the end with your own notes inside :)

Clock class is another great one for Christmas pressies

Things are going to start to get busy now - Jess's dance concert is going full steam ahead - have to get some costumes so Me and MUM!! can sew them up in time - I think it may be one of those last minute jobs like the last few years :rolleyes: :) hehe

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Secret Squirrel business happenings.......

Lots of things happening atm. Last minute decision the other night to go to the park right on sunset - hence not good light for the photo's. Photography question - lol obviously to do with the park - I was trying to adjust the camera settings to allow for the light but of course it takes a longer shutter speed so most of the photo's were blurry - can't use a flash - what do you do?

Crop night on Friday night - it was soooooo good just to stand and scrap lol that's right - standing room only for me!!!!! But that was ok as I was painting a baking tray etc for my Xmas Tarisota kit which I just need to stick down the alpha's now and it is done!!! Love the kits I got :) Going to do the Heart of the home one next.

Tried out our smoking machine last night with some fish Gary got up north - yummy! It works a treat and the things you can do with it!

Me - I am working on some secret squirrel stuff atm - I have been asked by a new scrapping supply company here to design some stuff - need to work out all the bits and pieces before I do go ahead but could be exciting for me :) lol Keep an eye in here for more news!

Off to the Joseph Ashton circus this arvo - we have ringside seats so it is going tobe fun - I wonder if I can take photo's!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Secret Santa pressies, schools back HOORAY!

busy busy as usual - I think it is this time of year that I start to really hang out for things to SLOW DOWN! Life is just to busy and very repetitive atm - thank goodness school is back - Jess was wearing me down with the constant "I'm bored mum" and "I'm hungry" lol! Her and CHionia would either be as good an angels or a nightmare. She reckons she had a boring holiday until I reminded her about the Geelong party with her friends here, Nanna and grandad coming up and spending a few days and going to the Royal show, a couple of kids classes, Kaila, Emily and Callum as well as Candice across the road were all friends she played with and we went to the movies and did some girls shopping...... what more can I do! Especially when Gary was away for half of the hols and then I spent time helping FIona....

Anyway - I have a Tips and Technique class tonight - inking and dimensional magic! It is part of a series where by the end of it the customers will have a little bound book full of ideas and tips! The masters............. so funny to think about. I made the Top 100 which for me is just awesome - I look at some of the work some of the others who have made it and wonder why I was picked lol. But then you get the thought there is always a chance! Time will tell - I believe they are nearly down to the final 15 and the calls will be made early November (inside info there ;) )Anyway it has been a fun ride! LO has been sent in and above is a sneak peak of my SS EB present - I just LOVE it !!!! Can't show any more cause it will give it away hehe. pm me if you want details! Was thinking of it being a class but I think it would be a bit hard with all the crackle paint bits!

OK back to work - lots of invoicing to o now I don't have any kids asking for food!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

RIP Fran

Starting on a sad note but Fiona's mum died on Sunday night - a wonderful lady who lived her life under her own terms right up until the end - she was even allowed a glass or two of wine in her final hours which knowing Fran I am glad. The funeral is tomorrow morning first thing so it has been a mad rush for Fiona to organise it all and deal with all the little bits and pieces it throws at you. Big hugs Fo - you know I am here and I am only glad to help.

On a more positive note Gary is back - Yippee!!!! And they even caught some fish - something called a slimey cod (lol I think) and snapper and shark - lots of yummy fish to eat :) :) :) Next year I think we are going instead of the boys as I think we are better company lol!

I have also had my second LO ever accepted for publication by Scrapbooking Memories. It is one of Chionia so that evens up the score so to speak - it is one I did called Don't worry be Happy - the one of Chionia cracking up laughing after smashing the sandcastle Gary had just built on Fathers Day. Now to work out how to take it out of some of the galleries I have it in..... Not long now until the phone calls go out for the master comp in which I made the top 100 - you only get a phone call if you make the top 10 so fingers crossed for me - however the competition is awesome so just to make it this far I am pleased :) The results and mag is out in December.

I had better go - lots to do before tomorrow which will be a very sad day to say the least. Take care all and remember to tell those you love that you love them :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smokers beware

Ryns Friday challenge - use 13 photo's with a sketch to help! I like it but it needs some of my tweaking.

On a sad note a close friend is dealing with the prospect of losing her mum. In the space of 48 hours she has come close to losing her twice and I think for the moment she is hanging in there. My heart goes out for you F. I am so sorry I can't do more to help. I am here if you need anything at all and I think (hope) you know that.

FOr those of you who smoke - I am not one to preach however as you take your next puff try to think of what may happen in 5 yrs, 10 yrs time - perhaps you have young kids - what will they do? How will you partner cope without you? Something so innocent and addictive is soo soooooooooooo destructive down the track. I challenge you all to give up for the sake of those who love you. I know what Gary will be doing once he is home. Please think twice next time you just need to have a cigarette.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Facepainting and more fun from the show

Dad emailed me these photo's from the show yesterday - some more fun - isn't theone of Chionia and her face painted beautiful!

Quick update on the guys - They made it to Exmouth .....just - they limped in literally!!!! Eric broke his foot just before they left and got it checked at the Exmouth hospital - he won't do anything about until they get back as he wants to fish. Also someone (not Gary) forgot to tighten up the nuts on the boat trailor and the tyre flew off - find it - put it back on and used some nuts from Garys tyres (insert a not happy smilie here!) and made it to Carnavon. They went fishing today and having dinner with Lynn and Vic - chilli crabs I think!

Anyway Jess has just informed me that Chionia is eating her bowl and there is about to be an arguement by the sounds of it...... Take care :)

Chionia's first Royal Show

and boy did she have fun!!!!! Mum phoned up Tuesday arvo and said shall we go tomorrow so we did!!! We saw pink and blue sheep and rode on the little teacups, bumper boats and rollercoaster and Chionia even loved the huge ferris wheel :) A thrillseeker she is! Could not find a Dora showbag at all the stalls and bought a few bits and pieces. Chionia tried her hand at fishing and was waiting for the fish to jump on her magnet. Jess got asome Gag bags and a couple of other showbags. We couldn't find the dancing geese and by the end of the day we were pooped!

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