Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Miss.......

have yet to name her but once again had some fun with a dress form / mannequin (she has been sitting on my shelf for about 2 years waiting for just the perfect papers etc...) Graphic 45 Steam punk and Twiddleybitz :)

TFL :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful....

well I think we have more drama around here than the soapie atm (lol and the last 3 months!!) The last couple of weeks

* we have had all testing done and passed with flying colours on the contract,
* Gary has been side swiped in his car with a hit and run driver - he is ok but the car is just holding in there with some gaffa tape....good news is we may have found the driver...........
* finally made it to school holidays so no more running around,
* Jess has done her Grade 4 Modern exam - now for her Grade 3 ballet in a few weeks.
* Grand final - OMG how can you just have another game.....TIME ON PEOPLE!!!!!
* only a few days left on this site variation of the contract and we may be done however they are talking more works......
* and I scrapped!!!!

This is for an upcoming class.....once I have details etc will post it up again in my class blog..

and this I created today just because I felt like....still tossing around idea's for a title....but just enjoyed playing with new GRAPHIC 45 and Twiddleybitz :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scrapjacked.....and a giggle for you :)

what a wonderful surprise after a long few weeks!! I have been chosen along with Mandy Dodd (Loving her blog!) and Kerry Murray (who's beautiful flowery LO is just to die for) for this months Aussie Scrapjack :) I always lurk here as the work is just so outstanding and inspiring and looking at the list of previous names I feel very honoured so thankyou Louise and ladies :)

The project they chose is one of Twiddleybitz floating frames along with their nero range of borders and fern leaves. The photo is of my great grandparents wedding - over a 100yrs old and I had a play with rusting paint on the frame and made it all vintagey :) Here are some close ups for you and leave me a comment on this post if you jack me and with a link to your project (just so I don't have to go searching and miss anyone!) and at the end of the month will draw out a winner for a few TBZ goodies to come your way :)

Other news..... well can show off my Camp mojo LO now - using new TBZ cogs :) aren't they divine!!!!!

And we have been given another section of the New Mandurah Entrance Road to anti graffiti so Gary is still living and working down in Mandurah :( So we are still commuting between Mandurah and here when we can so we get to see Gary. My car though has decided to do a dummy spit..... Driving home on Monday we left Mandurah at 6am so to beat most of the peak hour traffic on the Kwinana and be home in time to get the girls ready for school so it makes it a long day BUT we get just that little bit more time with Gary the night before....anyway just as we were coming up to the Narrows bridge my dashboard controls flip out and lose power followed by a beep beep gearbox failure alarm....oh dear - better move from the inside lane )which I was in to be ready for all the lane changes not far up the road to get to the Mitchell Freeway) -- pulled over in the emergency lane to have the car die on me....bugger....Even bigger bugger was when I realised that the tow truck driver was on his way and I was still in my pj's.... very old leggings (that are most probably see through they are that old) and an old TBZ tshirt that has paint stains all over it and no bra........ scramble around the car to get my jeans and bra and attempt to put them on in the car whilst cars are whizzing by in peak hour. Girls were hanging out the car window yelling good morning to all the cyclists on their way into town and labelling them sweet or sour depending on if they waved, said hi or poked their tongue out with a smile!! Several hours later we were home and my car is being repaired..... Hope you got a giggle as you tried to imagine me - if I didn't laugh about it I would have cried I think! Not much else I could have done!!!

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