Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy happy happy

just continuing Nat's happy Conga dance ...........

why you ask...... well several reasons!!!!!

3 Angels is back - Jo and Rosy have missed us all and the forum is up and running again after a bit of rest and relaxation!!!! YAY - so good to see some familar faces back there and I hope you all pop in and say hello!!!! Yes I am still on the design team and can't wait to bring you some great challenges in the next few weeks!!!

Secondly - I have had lots of cuddles from my newest gorgeous niece Alice - she is now the average size of a newborn bub and has just had her 8 week old needles so we allowed to get to know her!!! YAY I snuck in last week for a cuddle as I knew when the girls were with me I wouldn't get much of a chance - so I have had double cuddles this week!! :)

Isn't she sweet!!! Love how she is looking straight at Jess!! Chionia did a huge dummy spit at Jess as we hopped in the car to leave having a go at her for hogging Alice - we promised Chionia she would get first cuddles next time lol!!

Also been asked to teach interstate again next year and of course I have said yes - what a great chance to meet up with some good friends :) More on that later!!

Classes have been announced at Just Scrapbooking and I believe they are filling up fast so if you want to have a go at some awesome OTP items give Jordie a call at the shop for details Ph 9417 3665 - September 19th :) All day!!!! :)

Ok must run and do that paperwork I have waiting patiently for me! Take care all :)

PS Thanks for all of you who replied in regards to my last post - will update you further down the track on that one but most definately a good possibility!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to those who scrap I ask a few questions.....

to do with retreats.....

I just want to know your experiences - what you loved, what you hated, what you remember - how far you would drive, how much you would pay, what was important - a nice hot shower, private accommodation or were you willing to revert back to high school years with a bunk bed in plastic just for a few hours sleep..... was scrapping space essential, how about how far would you drive, how much would you fork out or are you interested in classes, beauty treatments,!!

I want to hear all about can email me if you want to keep it quiet - let me know what you love and what you hate......

more later from me - will keep you guessing lol!!

just after feedback from a variety of sources - even if you are from oversea's - all comments I will take on board!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Puzzle completed!

Just a quick update from the Forbes household. Due to such a wet and windy weekend we stayed indoors for most of it! Given I had a clean scrap room again I scrapped!!! Girls did some cooking and made yummy sausage rolls for tea on Saturday along with some Banana puffs (made the recipe up as we went!)

Recently I have been investigating the additives in our food - before it always seemed too hard to work out which of those numbers were bad and then looking at each of the individual grocery items would take me forever and a day. BUT someone has done it for me!!! Odette is one of the mums in Chionia's kindy year and due to her sons allergies to additives etc she has created a fantastic business to help people like me!! I attended one of her lectures at the school which is a quick breakdown of the additives and which foods are nasty etc! An eye opener to say the least. A few weeks later I did the supermarket tour which involved going through Coles after hours with her and a small group of others where we were actually shown which products are good and which ones are not so good. Vegemite is a nasty - yeast extract is basically just about pure MSG so we are now a Marmite household (lol for those of you who know me I am a vegemite girl from way back so not happy Jan!!) Anyway we have cut out a lot of unnecessary additives in our food and along with the $10.00 book which lists it all for me we are slowly getting rid of those nasties - it is surprising that a lot of the well branded foods such as Kraft are some of the worst on the market - because of the mass production of the food, extra's are added into it. So if it means buying the Nestle vanilla ice-cream instead of Peters then we will and we have noticed a huge difference in the girl's behaviour as well. If anyone is interested in the booklet just leave me a massage and I can give you Odette's contact details.

Alice gets her needles today so guess who is having a cuddle tomorrow all by myself!!!!! I have to go by myself because when I take the girls on Sunday I don't think I will have much of a chance!!

Twiddleybitz is going great guns - lots of exciting things happening atm - Aussie Scrap Source have picked them up and it is going really really well YAY!!! Lots of new releases coming up as well as some interesting idea's floating around - My first lot of Twiddleybitz classes start next month so have been busy working on those projects - check out the DT blog for Sonja's challenge

Here is a few things I created over the weekend! Loving the fern leaves atm!!

Also in my clean up I pulled out the puzzles pieces I got the girls to do at last years retreat in Melbourne - I had popped them away because I am still waiting on 2 to be sent back to me but figured I could just glue them on if they arrive!! Love this - I now have it above my scrap table as a reminder of a fantastic weekend!

lol I also found my camera battery charger in the clean up!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just a Retreat

but boy did I have fun and I even managed to scrap a heap!!!!! Funny what you can achieve when you just go to a retreat for yourself and not teaching/working etc!!! Loads of fun and lots of creations :) Some I can only give you a sneak peak of - sorry!!!!

On a more serious note I have a few upcoming classes - Just Scrapbooking in Jandakot has me booked in for 2 classes on September 19th - here are a couple of sneak peaks and if you ring the store they can give you all the info you need - hurry as I know places are limited!!!!!! :) Ph 9417 3665 :)

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