Monday, June 25, 2007

? lol

Finished off my Barber/Burton frame this weekend - it will be in the shop this week if you are interested in doing it as a class :) Also got 2 kits from Carole Janson who does a lot of 3D scrapping - in other words lots of cutting out! lol Enjoyed doing them BUT not me so much! Caught Chionia's cough cold lurgy - not happy Jan.

Cindy's birthday over the weekend - Helen came over as well and had her little bit to say to both Gary and me about the family........ so over it .......

Also a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JASON who turns 18 TODAY!!!! Hope you have a great one Jason :) :)

OK Time to clean up the trashed toyroom - can't see the floor atm so time to clean it up - it is a bit like Jess's room too lol - guess what she is doing after school today hehe

Take care

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No comments ......

Don't you like my post and runs! lol Been a lot of photos lately and not much chatting - sorry! Thinkgs have been a bit hectic around here - Chionia got Jess's cough and has been home this week but up to so much mischief - I can't remember Jess doing half this stuff! Mind you Chionia will go to bed and that is it virtually so very lucky - Jess on the other hand at 7 years of age still take us a lot of effort to put to sleep!
Gary has been working mornings and nights so busy around here. Mornings have been cold and not good for those with a cough (Jess Chionia and now I think me.....)
A few attitudes to put up with atm and some naughtiness as well has made things a stifle boring. a few groundings and tellings off - hopefully a stage with both of them - sunday Chionia painted her blackboard with my face cream, drew on herself with permanent marker, whilst asleep supposedly (awoke earlier0 she painted her walls with half a big tub of paw paw creamw hilst drawing ont he desk with white zinc cream and was in the mood for stirring up trouble with Jess.....
Scrapping wise - a few things ;)some exciting bits and pieces at the shop coming up - will be able to elaborate more in a week I think lol! Must finish taking the photos of my masters bits and pieces and sen that off - Completed my June Kit that I designed at Scrapframes! LOVE it - Papers I wanted to try something a bit different to perhaps what I normally use but LOVE FANCY PANTS FREE SPIRIT and their rubons! i WON the Queens challenge at 3Angels scrapping website and last weekend they had their cyber crop with some great challenges - one of which being a frame thingy which I ended up doing a 6 board frame heritage style and already have bookings for a class at Di's with :) :) :) :) so thankyoU!!!!!
Lurkers let me know who you are! All comments up until Saturday will be in the running for a RAK! Just curious - want to know who is there!
Take care all :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Another LO from my Scrapframes kit :)

Using more of my kit - Jess and Tianna caught up after 4 years! Loving this kit - so easy to play with :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scrapframes June kit designed by ME!!!!!

My kit that I put toegther with Michelle from Scrapframes ( arrived on Tuesday and I have been playing!!! Love it - There are a couple of kits left and they come with instructions to complete the clock etc as well. Hope you like it - I have heaps more left to play with so look out for some more examples :) :) :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woohoo toot toot lol

My Glamour Queen LO won the challenge set at 3 Angels Scrapping YAY Thanks Jo and Rosey :) :) It made my day!!

I also got my June kit (that I designed!) from Michelle at Scrapframes so busy scrapping up a storm of examples for you all! Fantastic kit - just finished my Clock and was going to give it away as a pressie but now keeping it instead lol.

Suppose to be doing paperwork but brain doesn't want to think today - not good for when I am suppose to be reconciling so I am taking a break and updating here.

Girls - Jess was home Monday sick with a sore throat and cough but seemed to get better fairly quickly hhmmmmm although she still does have a cough. Chionia - the little ratbag - just full of mischief atm - Monday she poured half of Jess's bath fizz on the bathroom floor and while I was cleaning that up she smeared vegemite into the carpet so it got a good scrubbing (the carpet not Chionia lol). And she has been VERY naughty at daycare - biting...... if only I could catch her doing it at home..... TOld her off last night as she bit a boy in front of his parents (so glad I wasn't there!) - no dummy and tried repeating no biting etc - will see how she has gone today when I pick her up...... I don't want a biter!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A 3 Angels Scrapping challenge

In honour of the long weekend over east - Queens birthday - there is a challenge at 3 Angels Scrapping - you have to use PINK, BLING and the word QUEEN

Loved the challenge - used a Hambly Print overlay so remember it is clear transparency - so hard to photograph lol

Will be back - need to get JEss asleep so I can scrap some more :)

Post and run :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flying visit!

Ok well another year older another year wiser ! hehe

Been very busy with all sorts of bits and pieces but not much scrapping (she says as she brings out some photo's!) just a couple of things for the shop - a kit We put together and a possible fathers day class for a wine/scotch bottle present! lol

My birthday was great! - got my pressie a few weeks ago - a Canon 400D SLR camera! and loving it...... Had a few people around MOnday arvo for drinks and nibbles and ended up going to bed shattered about 10pm. Lots of lovely pressie - some smelly wood sticks that match a stainless steel photo frame :) - will take a photo soon but LOVE them! as well as a wonderful lantern from Dusk mwah Fiona! And a wonderful collection of hand made pottery coffee mugs from Down South - match a couple I bought a few years ago! and a Clip it up system :)

Gary has stopped smoking since Monday - really hope he can keep it up - a bit touchy in the meantime but a small price to pay so to speak for the long term benefits :) lets hope he can keep it up

OK Off to scrap a vegemite photo rofl!!!!

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