Monday, April 30, 2007

School's back, Masters comp on again and busy!

Did a couple more LO last weekend and been qorking on some secret squirrel masters stuff all week - one task done (there is a sneak peak above sshhhh - I love it!) 3 to go! lol I am a sucker for punishment hehe

School is back, and just catching up on things around here - May is busy - have quite a few classes - will update the list shortly

Thursday, April 19, 2007

OK - birthdays galore so it has been busy!

April is soooooooooooooooo busy!!!!

Since my last post - Gary has had his birthday where I spent most of the day in bed with gastro once again..... Easter came and went sooooooooo quickly and then after a short holiday down in Dunsborough it was Jess's 7th birthday. Here are a couple of photos of her party and on her birthday we went to Sizzler - i know why it has been 10+ years since I last went - chionia is sick with a bad cough and runny nose - another unsettled night ahead i think.

Scrapping wise - not much - last weekend we went to Jack and Mary's 65th wedding anniversary party - can you imagine that ?????? 65 years?????????? any way I made a signing album for them which I believe they love :)

Falling asleep here so am going to put Jess and Em to bed and will hopefully be back sooner than the last time! lol

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Live out Loud :)

Although Chionia has been the opposite the last couple of days with a gastro and several spews all over me - life as a mum is sooooooo glamorous (NOT!) ANyway with her clinging off one leg and playing with the Xmas icecube containers I stuck this down - Love the end result and the coins I got a few weeks back are just perfect!

Well school hols have started and Jess got a brilliant interim school report - Gary's birthday on Friday and we are going to Bears Rock then he is busy working and we will be here i guess! lol

Future dates ! 6th Gary's birthday and Good Friday, 17th Aunty Sissy's 30th! birthday and Jess's scrapping party, 18th Jess's birthday and 25th Telia's birthday - busy month for us!

Gotta run - Jess just cracked her toe on the brick corner of the pantry - Gary has her atm but I think it is bed time! Nite all HAVE A FANTASTIC EASTER - Stay Safe

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Chionia has turned TWO!!!! Seems like yesterday that she was born! She had an absolute ball yesterday and seemed so grown up all of a sudden. She loves her new kitchen and potty from us and Jess. And got lots of gorgeous presents from friends and family - we had a get together last night with most of them and it was great! Lots of yummy food and drinks and good company. Thanks to all the EB girls and all their birthday wishes and YES SUE it is an elmo chair that giggles when you sit in it - such a hoot - got it from Aunty Helen and gang! :) lol

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