Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mr Mojo has returned...

I have really enjoyed scrapping the last day or so :)I Had a massive clean up of my scrap area - doesn't look much better on my actual table but everything in the shelves etc behind me is now organised - daycare will love me this week when I bring in all my scraps!!

Some new examples for the shop for when we move...... ;) sssshhhhhhhh

Well can't show you the rest - SM have picked my calendar up for an otp article :) :) YIPPEE :):)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you wish for a miracle it may just happen.....

been a bit of a rollercoaster ride here in the forbes family the last few weeks - it seems like it has been forever since Maurs and family were told she had secondary cancer in her spine and hot spots in her ribs. Faced with the fact of knowing the breast cancer will finally beat her we were preparing for a future very different to what you think you will live.....

when you get old those words you wish it could be different - you wish they were wrong - well.....

they were.......

Maurs has been given another chance at life - the doctors got it wrong YAY - I could throttle them for what they have put everyone through and perhaps if they were on top of things in the hospital we may never have had the diagnosis we did. One of the last tests they ordered cause someone forgot to order it has shown that the black spot in her scans is in fact an abscess on her spine.... Gary called and told me and I was in the middle of some scrap shopping with a friend and it didn't seem right - a huge sigh of relief then disbelief then anger at Joondalup getting it so wrong. Then well how could they get it so wrong......

Anyway a pick line has been put in and Maurs will be on some pretty heavy antibiotics for a fair few weeks - she is having some tests this arvo to determine if it has shrunk since yesterday - and perhaps home for the weekend. YAY!!!!!!

Life seems a bit brighter now :)

Anyway onto us lot :)

School is back this week - meaning only 9 weeks till Christmas OMG!!! I think I had better start planning now cause I know come December it will be full on with dacning etc as well as the usual Christmas get togethers

Last weekend 3 Angels scrapping hosted a Girls night in and we have raised just over $400.00. We all had a challenge to set and mine was heartfelt journalling - I obviously had written it before we had the results this week so it summed up all the weeks before....

LO is called How do you Hope..
when faced with the possibilities.

When the life you had, you will never have again and in it’s place is a black ugly cloud that will never go away.

How do you….

Find the strength to face the future. To give hope to those who need it….

How do you……………

Live with cancer. And how alone Maureen must feel right now. And Neil, Telia and Jason – how I want to stop them from hurting? And tell them it will be ok..

How do you …………………..

help one of the most beautiful people in the world cope with what cancer will throw at her……..


There is hope – we have life and love, family and friends who all have one interest at heart. In numbers there is strength and in strength there is determination and will to live

“I believe that in life in general, every experience you share with another person adds to you as an individual. With every part of this journey you've shared with Maurs, you have given a piece of yourself to her, and she has given a piece of herself to you. In this way, even when she's gone, she will still be a part of you, and so by sharing her journey, you are giving each other the most precious gift of all - yourself. And this is true for each an every special person in her life.” Danielle

And it gives you hope when you most need it. To help give it to those who need it the most. Let’s live life for now and make those memories bright and happy ones full of love. Let’s be positive and help her live as near as normal a life she can. Take it one baby step at a time and day by day and it becomes easier to deal with. It will never take our spirits nor the love we all share. We will get there.

Oct 2008

and the LO...

Di's is moving at the end of the month so busy planning the move - it will be good - we settled out of court with the owners in regards to them breaching our lease on numerous occasions and part of that is we want out - we don't want to keep dealing with them for the next 2 we are moving just a hop skip and jump down the road!! Lots of exciting plans and idea's and omg at all the new stock we will have - it will be Christmas come early for us all :) :)

Dinner is now ready so must run :)

take care all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Post.....

I have a 10 minutes till we walk out the door back to the school/daycare/work run!! YAY - not a bad school hols - Jess went to Dunsborough for a few days by herself which she loved but then got homesick. Then it was a week of sleepovers etc which resulted in one very tired girl by Sunday.

Maureen is still in hospital - more tests yesterday and we won't know the results of the biopsy until Thursday I think...The cancer has appeared in her spine with hot spots on her ribs. The biopsy is to double check that the cancer is cancer - a MRI was done last Friday but inconclusive due to fluid..

3 Angels Scrapping had a Girls Weekend In just gone - you can still go to their site and make a donation to the Cancer Council. We have 10 fabulous challenges you can purchase at $2.00 a challenge - mine is heartfelt journalling :) Felt good to get it down on paper.

Not much else - not much time for scrapping.

Chionia got a princess bed on the weekend and loves her new frills and mossie net over the top :)

ok time is up - must run find my shoes and off we go :) Take care all :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life can be a right shit at times.......

yep it can - it is soooooo unfair.....

Breast Cancer

affects all of us at one stage in life - whether it is ourselves personally or someone we know.....

It is a disease that twists and turns and sends you and family on a rollercoaster...

It is awful

It is horrible

and I wish no one EVER had to deal with it but we do.

Maurs is in hospital atm and looks so frail. She was sooooooooo close (just days away) to the final treatment of her battle with breast cancer - she went through the chemo to be told it had vanished and it looked like it had gone - just to be safe she had the lumpectomy and then 6 weeks of radiotherapy. A couple of weeks into the radiotherapy she got knocked for 6 by a lung infection - developed asthma as a result and hasn't really recovered to the point she was admitted to hospital on Sunday with pleurisy - her lung has been drained and the tube taken out today. However they have been advised by the oncology department that all the signs and symptoms she has had lately indicates she now has bone cancer... Please cross your fingers for her, pray for her or simply wish her the best as we are all going to need it to get through the next few months now. All along Maurs has been a tower of strength - I don't think anyone really knows the lows she has gone through and how ill she has felt and only she knows what she will face again. Mwah....

3 Angels Scrapping is holding a fundraising weekend for the cancer council - please get behind this weekend - even if you don't scrap you can donate - simply click on the 3 Angels scrapping link in my sidebar and look for the Girls Weekend in link....

Just a quick update on the rest of things around here - Geelong lost :( although we did have a fun day

and some scrapping....

take care and give those you love an extra special never know what is around the corner..

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