Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mr mojo and a move.....

well a few weeks ago I handed in my resignation with Twiddleybitz as their Perth Rep. It wasn't that I didn't like the job etc I was just finding that time with family etc was being compromised and my mojo had gone walkabout with the stress of everyday bits and pieces and work and the girls etc. The house was a pigsty, my scrap desk was getting dusty and I was feeling a bit stressed so something had to give.

Don't fear though - I am still on the DT and teaching :) which is what I love doing. As a result the last couple of weekends I have had an absolute ball scrapping :)  So I know it was the right thing to do even though I loved going to the different stores and assisting TBZ :)

So Mr mojo is back - what have I created!! Out came my rusting paint again and I rusted up a shelf and large birdcage - still needs a little bit of fiddling and I want to find a bird that doesn't look stoned lol!!!
and then I started on a 12x12 shadowbox with my pop up house in it!! Would it work!! Of course with a bit of readjusting!!!!

and it opens out to reveal............

once again I want to add a couple more little details like butterflies in the garden!!

This weekend we have spent rearranging the house!!! What an effort - it all started cause I had to clean up due to Sonia flying in next week to spend the weekend with me :) and due to above reasons I was tired of the house not being up to scratch so I cleaned up Chionia's room then Jess's room then the toyroom and then got the crazy idea of moving all the rooms around.

So now Jess is upstairs in the old toyroom, Chionia has moved out of her small tiny room into Jess's old room and the old toyroom is now Chionia's old room :) It is all so much cleaner and easier to control!!!  Will see how it goes lol!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss Charlottes Cupboard

having more fun playing atm :)  Love Tim Holtz leg posts thingy's!!! :) More G45 of course and the Miss Charlotte manequin but I have just used one piece and dressed her that way instead!! Still fiddling with her - may make some fabric buttons and need to pop her title somewhere but pondering on it atm!

Also you can see a sneak peak of my class next week at Scrap it Flaunt it :) A pop up house!! And G45 ;) Just jump over to SIFI blog :) Back to creating -

Sunday, May 16, 2010


....  yes 2 posts in one weekend!! Scrapped again so just posting quickly....note - NO FLOWERS!  boy that was hard!!!  Used one of Tim Holtz new sizzix dies - the tickets - This will become a firm favourite of mine I thinK!!

There is journalling on the tag behind this but at the moment it is for me to see only - just some words on things that have happened lately if you get my drift. :) Back off to scrap now - thinking lots of prima blooms......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take note of the important things in life.....

like spending time with those you love :)  A busy couple of weeks here.....from Mothers Day tea party's to the zoo (very disappointing :( ) Naplan and catch up and ending this week with Jess home sick with a minor flu..

We had afternoon tea at PP1 where we were treated to a yummy afternoon tea they all helped to prepare and then some songs and games and presents!!

Hmmm I think she has my eyes!!

Homemade Schoolmade presents the best :) Also got a grass head of me that is growing very nicely next to my kitchen sink with the daffodil Chionia brought home which has sprouted already!

Mothers day I decided I wanted to just spend with Gary and the girls so off to the zoo we went - it was suppose to rain in the afternoon so we went earlish... and tbh I was disappointed.......A Lot of pens/ enclosures under repair or refurbishments...... a lot more of the animals just couldn't be found at all and a lot of the others had their backs to us!! We walked through the bird enclosure (you know the ones with double doors etc so they won't fly out and it was about 50mlong....) and we saw just 2 idea where the others were.....

And then home to a yummy roast dinner :) and dropped off a special Mothers Day dinner to Vinnie and kids courtesy of the mums at school. :)

This week saw Jess do Naplan and on Wednesday she mentioned how many words were spelt wrong and it wasn't until we were watching ACA that night and they should some of the exam papers she said that is how hers were........pretty wrong if you ask me - can't they simply read it through or do a spell check first?????? So I don't think I will be taking much notice of the results if they can't even print out an exam paper without spelling mistakes in it.

And finally last night and today I scrapped :) During the week I was emailed a photo of my great grand parents wedding day...Taken 100years ago so of course it was my inspiration and I scrapped it :) love all things old and vintagey and decided to use heaps of prima flowers too!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One final post for today

so far I have shown some of the gorgeous projects and new releases that TBZ have got for scrapbooking. One of the main reasons I scrapbook and take umpteen million photo's is to record the memories of my life and that of my family as well....

Over the weekend a good friend of mine tragically lost her husband in a motorbike accident leaving behind not only his soulmate wife but 4 gorgeous children..It is all so sudden and makes you realise how precious life is.....To my friend and her family - you are not alone, your memories will keep him alive and his spirit will never leave you. Remember we are always here for you. take care and big hugs. You know where we are.

For everyone else - give those you love a hug and tell them you love them - you never know what is around the corner or what life may bring you so cherish every second of it, don't sweat over the little things and enjoy being with each other.

how's this for a gorgeous shelf......

and you can hang it either way......

What if.............

One day.............the memories.............are lets preserve them.....

Using SIA theme of What if and a weekend at E2C retreat 

so I created this - Photo's of my nanna who sadly over the last years of her life developed Alzheimers and lost all her memories :(

Using a TBZ small shadowbox (which is now also available in a larger rectangular plain version released today!) I cut out the inside of a hardcover book and then played.

  So So Sorry - it has been picked up for publication!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Can you see the new TBZ mdf wings hiding in amongst the prima vine (if anyone finds this vine let me know I want more!!!!)

excuse my thumbnail - very hard to take photo's of it lol!

This then led to TBZ creating their new Life album...........

a stunning 6x6 mini album with a built in shadowbox and a leather surround strap that is used to bind the whole album together...... yes leather............

bit hard to see but the title is in the shadowbox with the chandelair then to stop dust I have used a transparency between the box and the leather front.... note the new leather grape vines and key and keyhole..... yummy aren't they!

New twiddley love tree...

leather key coloured using creative colour sprays

yummy chocolate factory...

How is that stunning new vine hinge..................

Need a new frame to show off your 12x12 LO's......

well now you can!! These awesome 12x12 inch shadowboxes are so easy to put together and scrapbook to match your home. You can then alternate your LO's in the frame to show them off as you create them!! It can either stand alone on your desk or be hung on a wall.  Here I have created it mainly to showcase my I can see LO but have quickly (excuse the bad photo's - it was late at night and Miss C kept jumping in the way to get her face in it!!) taken a few extra shots of it with different LO's as well to show the versatility :)

So what do you think so up is something a little bit special......

Going to the Chapel and going to get married........

Yep TBZ has released another addition to their very popular Funky Town range - a gorgeous church!!! It even comes with a bell tower....

I will be honest and say it is easier to put together than the attic and town houses!!!! BONUS :)

Just imagine all the possibilities with this - cake toppers....Christmas village (along with the other houses!) even bombonnieries (Mr TBZ idea!!)

Introducing Miss Charlotte.........

for those of you who is not sure today is release day for all the new Twiddleybitz projects we have been working on so hard over the last couple of months!! The SIA trade show starts today and that means all the secret hush hush business I have been up to...(and the rest of the TBZ design team ladies!!) I can now reveal!!!!

First up introducing....................Miss Charlotte - a 3D 9inch manequin :) 

(hehe G45 so suits her I think!)

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