Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quality of Education.....

Feeling the need to vent a bit....

Out of 32 kids in the class - up to 9 of them are being taken out of the school by concerned parents....need I say more????

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh my - I just may get a big head :P

Over the last couple of weeks Graphic 45 have been introducing the new design team. I have loved all the wonderful eye candy in the projects that have been submitted and can see why these wonderful people have been chosen. Today it is my turn to be introduced YAY!!!!! Pop over and have a look :) hehe Also If you are on Facebook - Graphic 45 has a new Facebook page - like it and leave a comment on the Graphic 45 blog and you go in the chance to win this weeks blog prize :)

As per usual I tend to create and then think about how to post them.....same this time lol - My clock has a huge glass front to it and I was so worried it wouldn't arrive in one piece (:( It came back with one corner broken - silly post people certainly don't take care with glass!) The clock itself was all white background with 3 big butterflies on it - looks very different now! My eldest daughter is trying to snavvle it up for her room - I don't think so!!

The LO I framed with a 12x12 Twiddleybitz frame - some good old texture paste and black gesso and metallic rubons which suited the G45 papers so well :) I love the photo of Jess in this - I am learning how to take my camera off automatic and have been experimenting with flashes etc hence the title are the settings I used!). A mix of ranges here from G45 as well - they are so versatile with each other as well as on their own!

My third entry is my fairy card - for those of you who do know me I claim not to be a cardmaker - so many of you out there can do it so much better than me and quicker lol!!

And I also sent a project over as a little bonus - Miss Charlotte - her skirt did not travel well and most certainly needed some fluffing so here are a couple of shots :)

I hope you like my projects - as a little celebration of me making the graphic 45 team I have a little goodie pack here to send anywhere in the world!! Just leave a comment and what project you like and Next Thursday will draw a winner :)

Happy scrapping all :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little bit of Timmy and TBZ

just whilst I edit our Bali photo's :) Lightroom program arrived yesterday so I have just downloaded all 300 +photo's and now to work out which ones to edit - love the sync section in Lightroom - saves so much time!!

A project I completed a couple of months ago for Twiddleybitz with their new minature house collection. Colours are a bit different for me but love the subtle effect it has overall :)

Busy week - went to Twiddleybitz and got my projects for Brisbane. My first Graphic 45 kit arrived yesterday and all I need to do is clean up my desk so I can start creating away!!! Pop over to the Graphic 45 blog and have a squizzy at the design work the new DT have created in their applications - the detail is absolutely incredible :) My intro is next Wed (Thursday aussie time!!) so keep a look out :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

So much has happened....

what a whirl wind of a few weeks we have just had!!!

Bali is such a magical place - love going there and after a few days you get into the swing of it all - the bartering and cocktails and humidity and RAIN!!! Rofl it rained nearly every day we were there and the first time the girls saw the rain commented how pretty and sparkley it was!!! Goes to show you how much we have had here in Perth in the last 6 months!!!

Chionia turned 6 whilst in Bali and her wish was to spend the day at Waterbom Park - what a hoot! They even got me on the Boomerang (I did it - once and once only - I am not a ride person), climbed the 100+steps at least 12 times to take the Maccoroni ride or jungle river :) Gary even did the Climax :) All on video - now I just need to work out how to get it from the camera onto the computer and youtube rofl!! Photo's are coming - waiting on Lightroom to be delivered so I can download all my RAW photo's so only have a couple atm!!

Lots of shopping and bartering, drinks at Roy's Bar on the beach and of course Billy's 69 cocktails :) Yummo - waited 2 years for one of those and now have the recipe :) Gin Contreau Midori lime and sugar syrup. Gary and Helen's birthday do at Billy's was a roaring success and fabulous night.

Also went swimming with the dolphins and omg - they are such beautiful magical creatures - worth every cent and will do this again next time we are in Bali :)Our dolphin was called Peter and we had loads of kisses and hugs and tricks.

Also received some awesome news whilst in Bali - I made the Graphic 45 Design Team YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - a wonderful dream for me and can't wait to start creating for them :) Thankyou to everyone who believed I could do it as I was surprised to see my name on the finalist list let alone making the actual Design Team as there is some serious talent in the list!!! :)

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