Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Playing catch up while I can!

Life is pretty busy atm. Silly car came up with EAS fault again over the weekend and not to drive it over 55kph - not happy Jan as this was suppose to have been fixed early December and the car wasn't working for 3 of the weeks since then....... Anyway they fixed it no charge yesterday but still messed me around once more.

Friday night had a crop night at Di's and it was great fun! Wonderful to catch up with the EB girls and do some scrapping. Byt he time I got home and to bed it was about 1am and then Chionia was up at 2 and 4 and finally 6am - something she has done for the last week - must get her out of it...... Had a class on Sat and came home with lots of goodies to come up with for classes - half way through several projects. Here's one of them - it used to be one of those cheap "made in china" set of 3 jigsaws for kids - well I painted it and scrapped it - still need to do the photos to go on the jigsaws inside yet.

Neils birthday yesterday so went around for nibbles and drinks at 6pm - chionia played running races most of the time and guess what - she slept through until 6am when I gave her her milk and then we all slept in until 7.30am!!!!!! Loving that! lol


Sarah said...

Omg mel I love your puzzle! Great seeing you today :) Sorry Luke threw the magnets everywhere :( Thanks for doing this clock for me,will get in touch when I find a good pic :)

Julie said...

Wow love the puzzle you altered. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

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