Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

Well another Christmas gone.... Hope you all had a good one - we did! For once we weren't rushing about visiting this person and that - we stayed at home (didn't make it to the beach as the last two days have been 40degrees plus here in dunsborough)The girls opened their presents with gusto - especially Chionia who I think opened everyones except Jess's! THe rest of the day was lounging around (for some) while we got food ready for the arival of the rest of the clan. Yummy seafood lunch and a turkey and pork roasted in the bbq just perfectly for tea!

Lead up to christmas was really busy and I didn't have time to catch up and wish you all a Merry christmas - Gino's funeral was on Saturday and such a sad occasion - the world has lost a wonderful person. Drove back down here on sunday - monday gary arrived and we then spent 1.5 hours in line at Coles geting the last of the christmas bits we needed........... Gary went home yesterday - a 3 hour trip took 5 hours in 43 degree heat as there were bush fires blocking the freeway. Us girls are staying on here for a few extra days but will be home for New Years.

Hope you all take care and have a wonderful New years :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One of those days..............

you know when you have good moments and sad moments....

A dear close friend died last night from Mesothelioma....... Gino -- you lived life to the full and loved living it too - you leave us with fond memories. RIP. You will be missed like you will you would never believe - an inspiration to all those around you

And today's good things - I got a MASTERS ORIGINAL - Thanks so much Amanda - I had tears in my eyes when I opened it - it is just gorgeous - will get the camera out soon and take a photo (along with susan's SS pressie!)

Also the Masters mag is out - obviously as you can see AMANDA is one of them! Kim also made the list so a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you both - Enjoy your year ahead as masters :)

Me - I got 2 Honorable Mentions - My Ink and Tools Handbag and my RObbie LO! I really love my handbag so glad it nearly made the grade lol!


Esme LO

and my mini album :) TFL

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am sooooooo PROUD............

of Jess :) :) :) :) :)

What a week! We have been soooo busy with dancing and school in the last week or so - one more concert tonight and the awards night on Monday and we are finished. School has also finished for the year as well which is the first acheivement of Jess's

Her report - nowadays the reports are quite different to when I went to school and it always causes some debate amongst the parents as to how good an indication it is. For example on the end of year reports for them to earn an "A" their work has to be the equivalent of the end of Year 3 - one year ahead - a "B" is the equivalent of 6 months ahead -half wasy through year 3, C is just right and they are where they should be.

Anyway Jess got all B's apart from 2 A's in society and environment and art YAY!!!!!!! Awesome report. THe week gets better.........

On Tuesday Jess received the Year 2 Endeavour award at the Xmas school assembly for consistently completing her work to a high standard and being a pleasant hard working member of the class - YAY JESS again :) :) :)

Wed night we had the dress rehearsal for the Cinderella dance concert - normally I help out with Jess's ballet group and they are such a delightful bunch of girls - no problem at all. Well this year I ended up with her tap group. NEVER AGAIN will I look after this bunch due to 3 completely horrible girls. THey push and shove and try to damage the costumes.Between 3 mums we struggled - we would tell them off - sit them down on chairs - separate them god knows how many times - we ended up complaining to their teacher and now have two of the bigger girls entertaining them........ I can't believe how naughty they are - two sisters and a little one who goes along for the ride I think. Tonight will be interesting.......

Jess had her end of year christmas party Wed at school too and then Thursday they went and saw the Bee movie. Last day of school and I get a phone call to come and collect Jess as she didn't feel well. She made it in our front door and ran to the loo before throwing up. :( A big sleep later and a bit of a temp she did perk up after some panadol and shower and had an early night. Something is still not quite right although she hasn't thrown up since - she had 2.5 hour sleep yesterday afternoon which was good as she did have her dance concert on that night.

It was beautiful. Jess's hair was done in rags and the ringlets were just divine if I don't say so myself :) She danced and smiled and had fun and at the end of the night came the major awards that were presented - Jess got one YAY YAY YAY YAY for the best tap modern jazz dancer in her year!!!!

Trifecta - I was so proud of her watching from the audience - she has worked hard this year and for her to get some rewards like this is just perfect end to a busy year.

I will pop photo's up tomorrow as I am taking the camera to the show tonight - I am backstage.

I also need to say a big THANKYOU to Susan for my gorgeous handmade SS gift - some stunning BG stars and door hangers for the girls room - off to take some photo's now so I can upload them to EB!

Chionia wants brekkie so had better run - the others are all still asleep and my eyes feel like sandpaper atm - will be having a nanna nap this arvo me thinks!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today is my slack day for the next two weeks and the last week - I even had a nanna nap this arvo - sorry Flick! Will catch up when we coordinate times lol

Crop night Friday night started and finished Jess's main teachers present - a 2008 diary - found the ballet shoes in BigW Xmas dept...

Started and finished off today the Xmas LO for the shop using new products - don't you just love those bling swirls OMG I had to buy the black as well! (and a few tim holtz inks..... and tools.....) Love my new heat gun- enticed me to do some embossing - just need a distressing clear embossing powder now to do what I want..... some tags!

and to finish off - Jess's rags in her hair resulted in..... gorgeous ringlets x 7they looked beautiful until she went swimming tonight and lost them..... thats ok - next time we do it is Tues night then Thursday and Friday nights! insert going crazy icon here! Roll on 20th December AFTER a trip to Dunsborough :)

Must mention that on Friday Jess had her talent assembly at school where Lauren and her stood up in front of the whole school and performed their fairy ballet song - just perfect - she also received a letter from her teacher asking us to the Christmas assembley on Tuesday afternoon where she will be presented a letter of commendation from the school for always completing her homework and consistently completing her work to a high standard at school :) :) SOOOO Proud of her - :) :) GO JESS as Chionia would say!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Introducing.......... TWIDDLEYBITZ :)

Proud to announce I am officially a resident designer for Twiddleybitz with my first range being produced in the new year :)

As per their website

Western Australia's premier Scrapbooking & craft manufacturer and wholesaler.
Twiddleybitz will wholesale to the ever demanding scrapbooking, card making and paper craft industry with fresh, funky and eye-catching products. Our range will include all types of Twiddleboard & chipboard words,runners, silhouettes, alphabets & 12 x 12 creative cuts to tickle your fancy. We will also cater towards the off the page patrons with a wide range of MDF shapes and flourishes which will be captivating to the eye.
Most of our products will be available in all sizes and thickness.

We are pleased to announce we have selected Melanie Forbes & Dominic McHugh as our resident designers. We look forward to releasing their exclusive designs with our 1st product release.

Please contact us to express your interest in purchasing from our exciting new range or to design an exclusive range for your store.

We will also cater to your clients needs for specialised words – children / pet names, sports teams, holiday destinations etc. We welcome your enquiries to Twiddleybitz Wholesale -
or telephone us on (08) 9206 3667.
Thank you for visiting our site.

:) :) :) GO and have a look at the site - the Silhouette section has their current pre release range and is a limited range - if you like the look of them just leave me a message and I can organise it for you :)

OK - back to the costumes now :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Peppermint Choc Chip Pavlova

YUMMY and very EASY to make - trust me lol!!

Meringue ingredients
6 egg whites (at room temperature)
2 cups of caster sugar
2 tspn white vinegar
1 tspn vanilla essence
0.5tspn peppermint essence
1 tbspn cornflour
200gr chopped chocolate
300ml whipped cream

Preheat oven to 140degrees celsius
Place egg whites in a large mixing bowl and whip with an electric beater until soft peaks form.
Gradually whisk in 1 cup of sugar and beat until the mixture is very stiff and glossy looking.
Gently stir through the remaining sugar, vinegar, vanilla, peppermint essence, cornflour and chocolate.
Line 2 baking trays with non stick paper and draw a circle on each about 20cm in diameter on each sheet.
Heap the mixture inside the circles and place in oven - after 5 minutes turn oven down to 120degrees celsius and bake for another 55 minutes (total of 1 hour cooking). Turn off oven and leave the pavlova to cool completely INSIDE the oven WITHOUT opening the door (otherwise it will crack and flop!)
Once cool place one layer on a serving plate - top with half the whipped cream place strawberries or any fresh fruit on top, place next layer on top and repeat :)


Monday, December 3, 2007

Been told off

lol - Gary has told (yes told) me lol to put my snow photo's of the house up on my blog cause the other ones now look like crap rofl... so here they are - a snow version of the ones below hehe....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

MY christmas house......

My Xmas house - MINUS my melting snow.......... Not going to rush this - I have more ideas coming to me the more I do - a couple of gaps to fill and will find this cardmakers "snow" and use that so for now please just imagine it with lots of fluffy snow :)

Edited to add I HAVE FOUND SNOW!!!!! Also the chipboard I have used on the house (the tree and swirly stars on the roof) are a pre release of a new range by Twiddleybitz - the company I will be designing for early in the new year - isn't it fab! Love the range that is out at the moment - some cool stuff like diggers and front loaders and lots of swirls etc - great quality - similar to Buzz and Bloom but without that annoying black soot on the edges YAY!!!!!! You can get some sneek looks from Di's shop - pop in - you will be surprised :)

THe cake in the last shot is a peppermint choc chip pavlova - yummmmm - will post some more photo's of it and the recipe in the next day or two!

Count down to..........

End of school - 11 days
Dance concert - 12 days
Dunsborough - 18 days
Christmas - 23 days

plus lots of dance rehearsals, glitter and sequins, classes, Xmas goodies to do etc in between! Crazy time of year - at times I do wonder why we go to sooooo much bother but it boils down to that magic of christmas. The girls are loving it - Chionia is old enough this year to really get into the spirit of it as per our Christmas tree yesterday! She is loving all the ornaments we have around the house and knows that Santa is getting all her dummies this year to give to all the babies like Aunty Sissy's!

Did our photo shoot for cards this year - the girls weren't really in the mood - Jess didn't like her dress - said it was itchy and then a hole appeared which became too big and obvious for her to wear then...... it seemed to much of a hassle but we got there even though Chionia lost a pair of knickers somewhere lol!

A Couple of thankyou's - Amanda - mwah for creating my card theme this year which I have also turned into my blog header - speaking of which can someone help me with getting it right - it seems to be covering the old header not replacing it.....

And Ryn - thankyou for my gorgeous sig for EB - I will also be using it for cards as well and it goes perfectly on a LO I am doing at the moment.

Better run - DOra has gone quiet which means Chionia is up to no good again.

Take care all :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have



CI Lace cardstock YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! Guess what I will be using in my next LO.........

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy 12 Years to Gary and me :) :)

lol....... had a look at our wedding video - what a laugh - the girls found it funny to see mummy and daddy on the tv!!!!

Been busy as usual - Jess had her end of school excursion last Friday to the zoo - I went along and had 6 girls who all behaved wonderfully. It was a hot hot day (39C) so was glad to get home for a swim at the end of it - you do forget how gorgeous some of the animals are and how endangered they are - tigers for instance are being killed at a rate of about 80 a year in the wild atm and with between 300 - 400 left they will be extinct in the wild before Jess leaves primary school - a very scary thought and so sad..........

Working on a santa house atm with scrapping so nothing to show off yet. The EB scrappy awards are in full swing with final voting closing tomorrow night. WInners announced on Saturday at Leenie's place lol. Will be there inbetween doing our Xmas tree hopefully. Off out to lunch to celebrate our anniversary so better get a move along lol!

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