Sunday, November 30, 2008

Virus PITA

haven't they got better things to do with their time than invent virus's that distrupt our lives.....grrrrr.....still sorting it out but for the moment the computer is working so here I am :)

Dancing rehearsals are in full swing - I think I am up there nearly every day a week atm for the next three weeks. Trying to sort out costumes - Chionia is a plum pudding and a fairy - the plum pudding is done so can tick that off and the fairy skirt isn't too much to do - will get to that sometime this week I hope. Jess's on the other hand omg - every year we have drama's trying to get costumes - Nanna makes them for Jess which she loves but we always seem to get the patterns or material late - well we have the material but was given the wrong pattern for it - two weeks later I am still waiting for the dressmaker/daughter to remember to bring it in so I can get a photo of the costume so we know what we are making!!! Grrrr as if I haven't got enough things to chase up.....

Chionia has had her orientation at kindy this week and loves her new teacher - Mrs Newton and Mrs Bartley. She can't wait till she starts next year.

Still no word on the masters - I think I am just about over but then I think I could still have a chance hehe..

Scrapping - been busy - Twiddleybitz have had some new products which they launched last weekend when I taught the advent house to some Perth Store owners :) Great afternoon :)

hhmmm just noticed no button to add photo's .....brb once I work out what is happening! Nope have no idea - you will have to pop over to my gallery at 3 Angels :)

still no buttons - maybe PB will work for me





Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Lists.....

OMG It has been a while since I have found pp that I LOVE!!! The new Collage Press Scrooge & Marley range are just stunning and yes I am working on Di to get them in at the shop too ;)

Anyway since receiving them midweek I have been planning this weeks 3AS DT project - using a sheer Maya Rd album I have created a place to list all my Christmas stuff!!!

All the details you can pop over to 3AS gallery and check it out ;) Off to Nic's shortly to work out a class I am teaching next week to all the Perth stores that carry Twiddleybitz!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fundraising Garage Sale

As you know Maurs has been quite sick for a while now on top of trying to beat this cancer. So we are holding a HUGE fundraising garage sale for her!!!!

What we do need though is donations - big or small - we will take anything from shoes and clothes and jewellery through to toys and then the larger items such as furniture and garden stuff. Everything can be delivered to Maurs place - 6 ZOLLNER CLOSE in CONNOLLY. If no-one is home it can just be left near the front door. Otherwise I can collect stuff from Di's shop if anyone wants to leave stuff there for me to take.

Garage sale will be held SUNDAY 7th DECEMBER from 8am - 1pm at the Sorrento Hall in Hillarys (just behind the White Salt restaurant). We will have not only a huge amounts of bargains to be bought but also facepainting, sausage sizzles and drinks, cake stalls, balloons etc......

So please come along and support us - we will all end up with a bargain or two I am sure.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back again - two posts in 24hours hehe!!

Just a quick update as I have to clear enough room for all the Chrisco boxes arriving today!

Maur's is a lot better although she is refusing to eat the food at the hospital and Neil is bringing it into her lol! OK - the story is a mixture of things. She found it hard breathing last week and ended up having a chest Xray then a ct scan to determine what the problem maybe. They did find 3 or 4 small black spots on the ct scan where her lungs are. They don't know if these are - hot spots, pneumonia or blood clots. So she is on another lot of antibiotics (as well as the iv pick antibiotics which is still continuing), needles morning and night for the blood clotting and nebuliser for her breathing. She also discovered another lump in her boob on Friday just near the site of where the lumpectomy is - they are thinking it is scar tissue BUT just to rule things out she is having an ultra sound today and a fine needle biopsy at the same time. Also they are hoping she will be home today :) Will keep you all updated!!

Scrapping - this weeks 3AS DT work was to scrap a colour photo and a black and white photo - only just got Chionia's daycare photo's back a few weeks ago and got some in black and white and sepia as well - little postage stamp size ones so perfect for this challenge.

And cause I am feeling so excited about the shop opening up I am going to do my own little challenge for you guys with me picking the winner to receive a Basic Grey lunch pail tin.

An example of what you can do with one (please excuse the inside photo of the tin as I haven't finished it yet!!)

It must be brought into the store by Friday 28th November and left to be put on display - please pop your name and contact number on the back as we do have lots of LO's in store that are homeless atm..... I will let you know who the winner is by the end of November.

The Challenge for Scrapbooking to Di for customers is...........

12 x 12 LO
Subject: I am thankful for...........
Must contain
1) 3 photo's
2) Distressing - this can include inking, sanding, using a distresser
3) Must have a cluster of embellishments (minimum of 3)
4) Title and journalling
5) Chipboard

Please note I am running this challenge (not the shop!!) as they don't know about it yet!! hehe. Go start planning and scrapping and I can't wait to see what you all come up with - any questions just post me a message here!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life is busy and it isn't even December yet!!

So much has been happening but nothing really in the scheme of things hehe..

First of all Maurs is back in hospital. We were all around at the Ings on Tuesday for Melbourne Cup day and had a great day - Maurs looked great - even sporting a gorgeous pixie hair do now!! But she went downhill on Wednesday again. By Saturday she could hardly breathe once more - she had some xrays done during the week and Joondalup hospital called and told them to come in straight away. So it turns out she has either pleurisy again or pneumonia....not sure as we have heard 2 different diagnosis - I think Neil is a little stressed and has it mixed up from what we have heard but will head there today to find out what the hell is going on!

The shop - woohoo - is just about finished and not far off reopening - apparently it is looking fantastic - can't wait to see it ready to go - we have some exciting auctions and things happening and loads of new stock on order which I hope arrives asap!!

Me - been a bit quiet with scrapping - wii has taken over a bit! Had the nephews etc here quite a few times playing golf and bowling etc on the wii sports. But I do have some stuff I am allowed to share now!! Lots of dt stuff for Twiddleybitz and 3AS Twelve weeks of Christmas :)

Will be back later today with some more photo's!

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