Friday, August 31, 2007

Ahoy there me hearties

Jess's assembly this morning - Pirates - a very long assembly with lots and lots of awards etc but the class did a great job of singing out a couple of pirates songs and doing a pirate jig :)

yr 1-3's also had their throwing and jumping today for their sports day (next Friday). Jess came first in throwing and jumping in the yr 2's :) Go Jess - not quite sure what it means but I am sure we will find out next week sometime.

40% off storewide at Scrapbook to Di for atm - finishes tomorrow so if you are after a bargain go and have a look. Otherwise not much happening here although I seem to be flat tack and not much time to spare - need to go shopping for Fathers day tomorrow so taking the girls to Karrinyup - haven't been there for a while.

Take care all

Oh - um anyone interested in doing up a fancy header for me - would love a new one - RAK as an incentive :)



Wednesday, August 29, 2007


EB challenge - use yellow and white and another colour, a LO that depicts what spring is to you and no flowers!!!! Finally got it done - had it in my head since Friday but been busy with dancing and sick DH and a chipboard order from the shop for the EB girls :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Says Jess in her loudest voice possible I think after we get in the car and go to leave the dance studio. We had just been to her dance choreographic comp and Jess and Lauren came second in their Duet dance. Jess was soooooo excited and happy she couldn't stop giggling and laughing and as we turned into our street she said to me "I have tears in my eyes cause I am so happy". Makes all the running around etc worth it to hear that. Especially seeing they only put the dance together the day before as we only had 3 days notice!!!!!

We are dogsitting Floppy atm while mum and dad are staying at my brothers - the girls are LOVING it - had to warn them a few times to share lol!

Gary sick again with a headcold and it is a wet rainy day here in Perth - perfect to attempt a couple of cc challenges and Paula's spring challenge on EB.

Friday, August 24, 2007

the Little things

WHAT a busy week!!! Only just sat down (8.20pm) after dropping kdis off this morning and working all day at the craft fair leaving at four pm and home at 6.15pm DInner baths bed and now it is nearly time for me to go too lol!!!!

Created this example for demo'ing the new binding and cutting system we got in at work yesterday - YES yesterday so in under two hours I learnt how to use the Dream Kutz and Zutter - a cutting and binder system that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy to use and I LOVE the ninding machine - so quick and easy!!!!!! Will use the mini album to put in tid bits about my wedding!

The girls - Chionia made a tshirt at daycare today - they could pick a picture to get printed on it and she choses "bow for the princess" hehe!!!

Jess came home with a note about a choreographic dance competition which is ............ tomorrow night OMG!!! We had no idea when it was although we paid a $7.00 charge thingy a few months ago and thought we would get a note about all the details - anyway she has been practising at Lauren's (her dance partner in it) this afternoon and we have it all sorted I hope - not bad with only 3 days notice hehe!!

Reminds me I need to go and convert some boxes into fairy flowerpots :)

Nite all take care :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Remember this moment

A layout I started on Friday night at Di's last crop night in Balcatta and I had to stand at the counter and only managed to stick photo to cardstock and that was it! lol. Headcold hit on saturday so had a sleep while chionia was sleeping and a very early night sat night - Sunday we were off to Cirque de Soleil! FANTASTIC! Loved it as always although I still reckon Allegria and Quidam were better. Worse thing was standing in the rain for 40 minutes waiting to pay for the stupid parking ticket.

Friday, August 17, 2007


What are we going to do with you????????????????? This time she has really done it with her "drawing" on things - she has scratched a nice big circle x ten in our new 48 inch LCD TV screen. She will be lucky if I pick her up from daycare tonight. We have done all the discipline things with her with this drawing on anything and now I am pulling hairs out of my head. She has drawn all over the walls and floor and clothes and anything she gets her hands on. gggggrrrrrrrr....................


what else is new - Masters has been packed and posted :) now it is just the waiting game - I hope it survives it trip in Aussie postal service - I can just see some of my stampbord coming off my ink handbag.

oh - and while I think of it - who is lurking here???? my count tally has shot up 200+ since Tuesday! lol seeing I have only had 2000 looks (unlike Rach's 30000!) since Christmas that sure is a lot - can't be anything to do with shortlisted for the masters????? Leave me a post when you visit! Ta!

At Jess's school they have a program called "run for life" which is where every class does at least 2 laps of the school every day - you can do more and the little ones do 1 lap - well Jess has just made it on the 100KM board!!!!!!! WOW - and not many girls on there either I believe. YAY for Jess Also the last few weekends she has had her Ballet and Modern exams which she has passed - need to wait for presentation night to see what grade as such!

Tonight is the last crop night at Di's shop in Balcatta - In a couple of weeks we are moving to MALAGA to bigger newer premises and lots of exciting new projects as well. Not sure with this headcold if I will be able to last the night but will try!

ok one LO from me - challenged myself to do one in 30 minutes and here it is - still feel likes it needs something....... tell me what you think?

Take care all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OMG - I did it - I made the top 100 in the MASTERS

WOOHOO for me :) I received a phone call about an hour ago from the lovely Kristy at Scrapbooking Memories saying I had made the Top 100 in the Masters competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Kim who also got a call and I know there are a few others out there that will be receiving a call too!! Off to figure out my materials list now and I need to get a decent photo of myself eekkk!!!!!

YAY YAY and double YAY - Amanda got her call today - nothing worse than waiting around for a phone call. So glad that I have got Amanda and Kim doing this with me - Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I look into ur eyes & wonder how such innocence can be so wise.

This months challenge kit for the shop :) Had it sitting on my desk all week and nothing jumped at me although I did like it! Today got the latest SC and saw a LO by Lusi Austen where she had used the inked rectangles and liked it - used it for inspiration and the rest came from there. Also used it as a basis for a challenge on Essential Baby scrapping threads - here

Taught a kids birthday party this arvo - boy did that keep me busy as the stock we ordered for it didn't arrive so had the girls making books and pencils cases with 4 different sizes and the paper hadn't been cut (insert going crazy icon!). End results were fabo which is what counts.

Also Apple's baby shower was this arvo - I made this but we didn't quite get there due to me having to teach th ekids party at the last minute....

And finally a travel album that I am working on that I used shellac on (learnt in Linda Baldocks class back in May and have been itching to use!) and was inspired by Kims recent travel pages and the use of hessian and circles! Love them thanks!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Meet Molly :)

My ribbon stash was getting very messy after umming and ahhing for several weeks I bought a cream wire manequinn. 3 hours later most of my ribbons were on it although it was squishy. Gary came in and said why don't you get the bigger one so I did and I love her!!!!! lol A very funky addition to my scrapping room :)

gotta run and get organised - teaching an explosion box class tonight! Ciao!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Life can be so unfair :(

Sometimes when you think you are in control of your life and how you want to live it - it throws a curve ball at you. Miscarriage. I have been through it 3 times and each time it reminds you of how precious and fragile life is and how ultimately you aren't in control and you have to accept perhaps. It doesn't get easier and even now 8 years after my first miscarriage I can still feel those feelings of how unfair life can be. To D & L my thoughts and love are with you.

On a happier note I have scrapped my Harry Potter LO! Had to go searching for my stars a few times and the letters disappeared under my desk - thanks chionia who has also stamped underneath my desk in a pretty array of red, mustard and purple colours.
Have a few more projects up my sleeve but will show them off when I get them done - also SB to Di for is moving - to Malaga!!!! Another 6 weeks of craft fairs and packing and ordering and lots of fun stuff! Stay tuned!

OK time to get out of my pj's and get organised lol

Take care all and a big mwah to those who need it :)

OK naughty me - several people have tagged me and I just haven't got to replying as such. Each of them was the same tag so - Narelle, Sarah Tash and Tracey!!! Here you go!

1-Post these rules.

2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.

3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.

4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.

5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged*.

So here are my 8 random things:

1. hm I need 8 things lol - ok - when I stack the dishwasher I always group the cutlery together so when I put it away I can just grab a pile and stick it in the drawer and not sort it out.

2. Toilet paper must be the correct way - paper coming over the top and not going behind - will change it if I see otherwise lol

3. I drive a 4WD - whenever I go into the underground carparks I duck my head as I go under the height bars pmsl

4. I have lived in Borneo, England (Bath) and Holland as well as here in Perth - best place to be is here!

5. I won the state womens sailing championship in 1994 and second in 1995 sailing 40 foot yachts

6. I used to iceskate to school up the canals in Holland.

7. I can play the piano (8 yrs), clarinet (6 years) and dabbled in a few other instruments but could not get how to play the guitar - too big fingers I think!

8. I have been flying with ET in LA!!!

Ok most people I know have been nominated so I nominate anyone who reads this and hasn't written 8 weird things about themselves.

Now I must get Jess out of the shower and Chionia to bed so I can keep working on my travel album for the craft fair :) Take care all :)

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