Monday, December 20, 2010

Time to sit back and relax and enjoy the hols :)

We made it :) Last week was a bit of a busy one with dance every day with 2 concerts on Friday and Saturday night followed by our Christmas do for my side of the family yesterday :) School reports, preprimary graduation and excursion

The girls danced beautifully even poor Chionia who got pushed down the stairs backstage on Friday and had a huge egg on her shin :( we just thought she was tired when she came on for her second dance but it was not long after she fell. :( The other girl didn't even have the manners to say sorry which I think stinks as she also denied it despite numerous girls who saw it...she just had a bee in her bonnet about something else...

Dancing over and done with for the year :)

Then it was onto secret santa presents - and what do you get 2 people who have everything???? Why 5 geese of course lol so Saturday morning off Jess, Chionia and I trot to pick up a cage from the quokka and then 5 geese and a quick stop at the pet shop for hay and food and settle them in at home.....needless to say we couldn't hide these from our secret santa so VOILA :) Mum and dad love them (I hope) and I do believe they have settled in well with the chooks :)

PS Have a look at the photo of mum getting her balance on the wall after the shock sets in hehe

Christmas lunch for our lot was here on Sunday - Flossie is making her appearance this week so we had it a week early :) Apart from a big bushfire not far from here which covered everything in ash and the weather deciding it was going to rain (held off till everyone left phew!) it was beautiful - not too many people so not so rushed and apart from the toy overload which happens and littlies have meltdowns :) we all enjoyed it very much :)

and then it was time to pack up the geese - get them back in the cage and ready for their trip to dunsborough... :) love the look on Damo's face as he walks away rofl and the tears in Miss Alice's eyes - a very big day for the little ones :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone and ...

welcome to the Twiddleybitz blog hop...... nearly there just a few more of our wonderful talented designers after me :)Haven't there been some fantastic Layouts and projects completed :) Love them all - stole a few idea's and inspiration and wish I had known those angels Rach prior to me starting my handmade items!!

:) Tiff - you have been a wonderful asset to Twiddleybitz - you have had such a difficult year and through it all have always remained upbeat and happy and keeping us organised so Thankyou!!!!!

Twiddleybitz has come a long way since it first started up - I have been lucky enough to be involved right from the start!! Just about 3 years to the day lol!!! Nic and Andrew always always listen to all our suggestions and continually throw things at us to keep us on our toes and see what we come up with. More often than not they lead the industry in their ORIGINAL designs such as the opening gates and floating frames and only just this week have had another fantastic release of goodies :) Think High Tea and invitations along with fairies and pirates - and of course with a TBZ release without some stunning OTP projects.....and with these in mind I have created some teachers presents to say thankyou!! I don't mind spending a little bit of time creating the teacher presents at the end of the year - They spend a lot of time with the girls and deserve to be thanked :)

Isn't that cupcake inviting!!! Guess what it is a soap lol!!!! As I mentioned Perth stores were invited to a sneak peak and class on the Twiddleybitz latest release on this Monday just gone so here is a little looksey at what will be hitting the stores in the next few weeks!!!

Gingerbread house is designed so that the roof will lift off and you can fill it with lollies :) yummm wouldn't last long in my house - needs a lock on it!

The single cupcake stand (which as the clever Mel C has done - turned it into a candle stand!) is simply covered with paper glued together and voila!! TBZ were even so clever as to make new borders that it perfectly around the top edge of the stand!!!!

And these treasure chest are really really easy to put together!

Hope you enjoyed the projects - leave a post at the end of this message and I will draw a winner out of a hat on Monday 20th (after my mad week ahead) and will post out some TBZ goodies to someone (yes world wide but don't expect it before christmas lol :)

Next stop along our hop is the wonderful Jen Hodge

Merry Christmas everyone - I hope you have a wonderful time over Christmas and the New Year - stay safe - have a drink for me and I Hope Santa spoils you all :)

PS - Just finished off another teachers presents - modpodge was still too wet to adhere anything else too so it had to wait till now :) Another of these fun treasure chests :)

AND - if you have time - why don't you pop into Smudge and Sparkle tomorrow where I am teaching a stunning easel and church OTP.... Starts as soon as I get there tomorrow morning whilst the kiddies are at school and this is what you take home (or nearly will!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

ssshhhhhh can you hear that.....

it is silence!!! For the first time in days lol!! And this is one reason why ...

we have had a few visitors from interstate - my sister and her son Ben have come over for Christmas oh and to have a bub in 12 days time so we have had heaps of fun babysitting Ben whilst Riss has been busy with Flossie's appointments with Dr's etc!!! Girls have absolutely LOVED having Ben here and I think that Ben loves Aunty Mel's house hehe - too many fun things to do here!! All last minute as Riss was suppose to be staying with her inlaws but they came down with the flu and there is NO WAY Riss wants anyone sick just as Flossie is about to make her arrival!!! From having a full house on Wednesday and a sleepover last night we are now back to just us for an hour or so till dancing rehearsal which Jess will then be going to Paytons for another sleepover - such busy lifes for a ten year old!!!

So before that we put the christmas stuff up - not much spirit in this house this year as I ended up doing most of it which took a few days - love my elf's - most years they hide all over the house and pop up in the wierdest spots!! We bought them years ago for about 20c each due to water damage at WA Salvage but love how they are tumbling down the stairs.

Now it is time to sit back for a quiet night before the madness of the next 8 days ahead of us. Our dancing schedule is as follows
Today 1-4pm
Sun Chionia 10-12.30pm Jess 1pm - 5pm
Mon Jess 5-8pm
Tues Jess 5-8pm
Wed Dress Rehearsal at the Octagon Theatre 5-9ish pm
Thurs - last day of school :) NO DANCING!!!!!!!!
Fri - Concert #1 6pm-12am
Sat Concert #2 6pm - 12am FINISHED DANCING FOR THE YEAR YAY!!!!!!!!!


Sunday (yes the next day!) we have the Wiese Christmas get together - so a big yummy Roast lunch/arvo hehe with a Santa visit and I am sure trampoline jumping!!!!!

Must get onto finishing the teacher presents which I will be showing you all tomorrow in my post for the Twiddleybitz blog hop :) Have a look at what the DT girls have already posted starting with the very talented Miss Anne Marie Cox

See you all tomorrow :)

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