Thursday, January 4, 2007



Well been a bit busy......

New Years was a late one but was allowed to sleep in and when I got up the girls had had their brekkie and evverything had been cleaned up - gotta love that!

Since then been sortin gout the car which I just picked up tonight after dropping Gary off and it cost in excess of $2000.00 (SSHHhhh gary doesn't know yet!) something about a fuel pump and an ecu shorting each other out and flattening the battery.....

Gary left this arvo :( and once again not without drama's. We had trouble booking a car for them that is suitable for the BHP site - spoke to the client and they got one!!!! Anyway on the way to the airport and got a phone call - car won't be ready till tomorrow and they have to take a couple of extra passengers and they are staying in a caravan park tonight in Newman! lol

Thanks for your comments everyone - Jody - it was my first glass hehe. And I do love my hairdo just getting use to it!

Well being summoned from the lounge room where the girls are having pizza for tea and then off to bed. Been reading everyones blogs but not enough time to comment as yet... hopefully soon.

Leave you with the second canvas I did for Gail's son but have to change the "e" to an "o" - knew I should have checked it first! lol


debbiedo said...

Bugger about the car Mel! Hope you can get some rest during the school hols, put your feet up!

Riss Plackett said...

Hey Mel,

Just had a read - sorry we didn't make it up north on Christmas Day - had too many othr places, including Melbourne to squeeze a northy trip in! I heard all about it from Mum and Dad though and will catch up soon. Glad you like your DVDs - you're a hard one to buy for!



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