Tuesday, December 1, 2009


well no phone call today - actually no-one has heard any little whisper - nothing - zilch!!! But SM said the calls would be made today and I didn't get one :( Congrats to those who did get through - there were so many good names on the list I had an inkling I wouldn't get  a phone call. Anyway Life goes on..

I have a sneak peak or two!! Just to cheer me up :)

Off to do the dance run for Chionia before coming home and rearranging the furniture to fi the Christmas tree in. Then Jess has dancing then home to dress up the tree!!! Ciao!!


Felicity said...

Bugger. BUT if they are calling in USA time that would be tomorrow. lol. Love ya work Mel. It doesnt take a Master magazine to "prove" you love scrapbooking. You are scrapbooking lol. xxx Felicity.

Angela said...

my premonitions are USUSALLY right! I love your work! take carexxxxx

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