Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to rest relax and review the last few weeks and year!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone - hope you had a good one :)

The last few weeks have been sooooooo busy - the girls dance concert always seems to be smack bang in the middle of Christmas and this year no exception!!! I was very relieved when it was all over red rover lol. Jess danced just beautifully - so elegant - dad got some great shots with his new lens :) will load up a slideshow shortly  - just have to edit out a couple of faces!!!

Once the concert was out the way I had my hands full with Christmas which we had here once again. 30+ people for Christmas dinner lol We transformed the back with a pressureclean, garen tidy up, extra chairs and tables and we borrowed Carol's spit to cook our little pig with!!! Must say when we decided to do a pig on a spit I did not vision having it on my kitchen bench trying to shove a spit pole up and thn the head decapitation - girls looked a bit worried for a while and Jess hasn't had any pork which by the way is the yummiest pork I have had in years!!!! Anyone got pork lefover recipes!!

Christmas eve mum and dad came up to stay until Boxing day so we had a yummy sit down seafood dinner on Christmas eve - crays, tiger prawns, scallops and squid rings with honeycomb icecream in chocolate baskets that the girls made .........nice homemade crackers and some bubbles and we were set!!!
Christmas morning this year we had to wake up Chionia (although she was old to go back to bed at 5am as Santa hadn't been yet!! Present time YAY - the girls had a ball - Jess got a DSi from Santa and so she gave Chionia her old DS lite (phew - mum and dad like this as it means NO MORE FIGHTING!). Chionia got a Strawberry Shortcake house. Presentsfrom us and each other included Wii games - Just dance and Wii fit plus, magic kit, games for teh DSi, dance mats, nail parlour, bathers, scooter, clothes, handmade dolls by mum for the girls - Chionia has named hers Lilly and Kiara - Jess got a clay doll based on Tashi books. Then they got spoilt bigtime later by everyone!

The rest of the day was the setting up and making things pretty for night time - lots of effort to make it special and magic. Most people started rocking up by 6pm when Santa got here - you should have seen the present pile!!!! Everyone got a turn on Santa's knee :) Then dinner was served - the boys had been busy cutting up our pork - the electric carving knife had to have a rest as it was getting hot! and it was time to dig in. Unfortunately this is where the rest of the night was ruined by someone and too much alcohol which resulted in someone being pushed into our pool fully clothed and them then being asked to leave. I hated doing it but it needed to be done so they know the consequences of their actions. Apologies have been made and a bunch of sunflowers this morning although it doesn't change how it ruined the night - most people left not long after and a few friends stayed to see in Boxing day when I decided it was time for my head to hit the pillow. I loved the whole of Christmas day up until this one incident. I haven't been that angry in a long time and I hope the person takes a good long hard think about their actions and where they stand. Lessons should be learnt from it. It was a sad way to end a fantastic day/night. I feel sorry for my girls as they shouldn't have had to see what they did. Anyway life goes on :)

Scrapping wise I haven't done a thing in about 2 weeks!!!!!! I am having withdrawls lol however I am excited to be asked to teach at another couple of stores around Perth so watch out for me at Scrap it Flaunt it in Armadale and Frendz in Mindarie along with more classes at Just Scrapbooking in Jandakot!!! If you are interested in coming to one - you can either contact the stores directly or leave a message for me here and I will get back to you :)

The next few weeks I am looking forward to not much - time to sit back and have fun with the girls. We have a 120th birthday party on Wednesday - a combo of dad's 60th and my brothers and his wife's 30th's this year. Gary is busy with work so it looks like it may be our first New Years eve apart :(

On that note I am waiting on photobucket to dwnload christmas photo's which I will pop up here shortly - have a great new years and stay safe - remember everything in moderation!!!!! :) ;)

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amanda hall said...

Merry Xmas Mel.

We too had an 'incident' on Xmas night not unlike yours. Kind of ruined the whole day :(

can't wait to catch up face to face! Not long now!

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