Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crossing off my to do list!!!

I actually feel a whole lot better today about Christmas than the beginning of the week. Why?? Cause I have crossed off so many things that needed

  • Bought the girls pressies as well as my niece and nephews
  • Ordered 2 of our family secret santa's
  • Found a cool  kit for Jess (and her best friend) and ordered it through deals direct
  • Found a spit we can borrow for Xmas day
  • ordered the pork and lamb for the roasts on Christmas day
  • Have got all our crayfish for Christmas eve
  • Made 6 Floating frames as Teacher pressies and the ornate frame shadowbox.
  • Costumes with dancing are just about completed - just waiting on a leotard I bought on ebay cause Jess can't find hers <_<
  • Weather has been good and DH is out working his butt off :P so that means the $ are coming in - the mad christmas rush has taken a bit longer to get going this year but now chasing our tails.
  • Taught my teach the teacher class to Perth stores this week and launched my new job lol!
  • Chrisco has arrived so my pantry is chockablock full as is my freezer and all expired stuff has been tossed!!
  • managed to post my 12 days of Christmas on time today hehehehehehe
  • Wrapped all my presents up and sorted them and hidden them away B)
  • One week of school left, one day at daycare left forever :( Will miss a couple of the ladies there - they are awesome
My schedule for this coming week
Today - Chionia dancing 10.30am - 11.15am, run to Wangara to grab some product and then Jess has dancing from 1-5pm
Tomorrow - Jess dancing 1-5pm
Monday - Kindy graduation for Chionia, Jess dancing 5-8pm, school reports
Tuesday - Chionia's last day at daycare, Chionia dancing 3.45-4.30pm, Jess dancing 5-8pm
Wednesday - Hearing appt for CHionia, dress dance rehearsal at UWA from 4-9pm both girls
Thursday  - last day of school :) Helping Kindy kids at Go banana's, REST DAY FROM DANCING
Friday - Concert night for both girls
Saturday - Concert night for Jess and I am helping backstage
Sunday - all over Red Rover I can concentrate on Christmas!!! :) Sandra's birthday BBQ

Scrapping wise - asked to do a mothers day feature for SM, should have had a LO in SC 73, classes getting booked for me to teach through TBZ lol and it goes on!!! :)


Kat Hall said...

I am tired just reading your list Mel. You are super woman :D

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy girl! i was thinking about starting KAitlyn in dancing or something next year, but don;t know if i need all the added stress and pressure of costumes and concerts etc!
Hope things all fall into place as timetabled for you next week!

Anonymous said...

My golly gosh, you are superwoman surely !!!! i hope it falls into place for you easily, have a great christmas.

:) Tiff said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
all the best for 2010

Sherry said...

Hey Mel... love the new Chrissy background on your blog...hope you guys have a fab Chrissy.

S xx

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