Sunday, December 6, 2009


I just love them!!!! hehe you should see my coffee table atm. So after gaining inspiration from someones blog (lol went blog hopping!) I knew I had to try a funky house in a large Moccona coffee jar......

It still needs some tweaking - off to Myers tomorrow to get little lights for it and need a few more large snowflakes for the top from Twiddleybitz!!



and a sneak peak at 2 LO's for upcoming articles in SC



Anonymous said...

Holy smokes Mel, that snowglobe is AMAZING!!! I also love the sneak peaks for SC, yay for you!!

chililily said...

Chililily say's your art is beautiful it say's alot about how you see through your eyes. Amazing at 53 years of age i have never made a scrape book. Crazy Mary is coming up from sunny CA. and Mother and she are planning on doing 3 scrape honor of our Mom. Wish me luck. I need alot of starburst and colors.Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational.

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