Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whoah - slow down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blimey - can't believe it is November!!! Crazy few weeks here but good crazy!!! Started with mum and dad coming up for mum's birthday last Monday so all the family came over for dinner and it was Alice's first official family do YAY!!! She is sooo cute!!! and so well behaved!!

Unbeknown to Riss - mum and dad brought Monty up for her so when she arrived at midnight on Wednesday there he was wagging his tail and so excited to see them again :) so all week we had to keep Monty and Casper apart - at one stage I did have both of them on my knee without any hissing or fighting lol!! Riss stayed till Sunday and we also had Neil stay over one night inbetween so Jess has just moved back into her bedroom! Now to clean up all the mess! hehe

No scrapping - I did do up a photo box for mum but silly me forgot to take a photo of it before presenting it!

Classes coming up in November - check the sidebar for info!! :)

Toodles :)

Massive clean up in the back yeard a couple of weeks ago as well - the date palm has been trimmed several meters (stupid spikey fronds - so glad that job is done!) and we now have a vegie garden growing with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chilli's, capsicum, basil, chives, cucumber, baby carrots, snowpeas, sweet corn, leeks, radishes, lettuce, watermelon and rockmelon!!! Roll on 10 weeks when we can pick and eat them YUMM!!!

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