Monday, October 19, 2009

photo time!!!

stealing 5 minutes to pop some photo's up for you all :) Finished reading Diana Galbadron's new book over the weekend and already want the next one!!!!! Love the series - has anyone read the John Grey book she wrote?

Anyway here are a few projects I have done lately!! Must run - need to finish a headache of a quote!!!


sandra said...

Sigh.... just love your work Mel. Just stunning!!!
and lucky you getting your hands on the latest Gabaldon book. Can't wait to read it... and I have read 2 of the John Grey books and just started reading the 3rd one... must admit to not being as keen on these as the Jamie/Claire novels... probably because I adored the Outlander series and I am unfairly comparing the two.
Now off to have closer look at those gorgeous projects above.

~Cat~ said...

Awesome work there Mel!!

And yup I've read the Lord John books....not bad, although they can get a bit confusing at times, ALOT of characters and names!

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