Friday, November 13, 2009

Take me to .......a Funky Town!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol Introducing TBZ new funky town!!!!! ABsolutely LOVE THESE :) :) :) Being released today at hte Paperific show in Melbourne - go and see Twiddleybitz at Stand 11 for a squeezy - they are so much better IRL!!!!



Anonymous said...

they are gorgeous and you made them look stunning :)

Sheila and the gang said...

Can we get these products in the states? I want to sell them in my store. Then you can com teach--they're beautiful!

Rachel said...

Awesome work Mel, love what you've done!

Angela said...

I have just seen them IRL Mel and the photos DO not truly do them justice! Bloody gorgeous! they are. Hey if they pay the air fare GO FOR IT! xx

sandra said...

congrats on the pick up Mel.. so well deserved. They were gorgeous.

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