Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy happy happy

just continuing Nat's happy Conga dance ...........

why you ask...... well several reasons!!!!!

3 Angels is back - Jo and Rosy have missed us all and the forum is up and running again after a bit of rest and relaxation!!!! YAY - so good to see some familar faces back there and I hope you all pop in and say hello!!!! Yes I am still on the design team and can't wait to bring you some great challenges in the next few weeks!!!

Secondly - I have had lots of cuddles from my newest gorgeous niece Alice - she is now the average size of a newborn bub and has just had her 8 week old needles so we allowed to get to know her!!! YAY I snuck in last week for a cuddle as I knew when the girls were with me I wouldn't get much of a chance - so I have had double cuddles this week!! :)

Isn't she sweet!!! Love how she is looking straight at Jess!! Chionia did a huge dummy spit at Jess as we hopped in the car to leave having a go at her for hogging Alice - we promised Chionia she would get first cuddles next time lol!!

Also been asked to teach interstate again next year and of course I have said yes - what a great chance to meet up with some good friends :) More on that later!!

Classes have been announced at Just Scrapbooking and I believe they are filling up fast so if you want to have a go at some awesome OTP items give Jordie a call at the shop for details Ph 9417 3665 - September 19th :) All day!!!! :)

Ok must run and do that paperwork I have waiting patiently for me! Take care all :)

PS Thanks for all of you who replied in regards to my last post - will update you further down the track on that one but most definately a good possibility!!


sandra said...

such gorgeous photos Mel.
Had a peek in the 2AS forum and it looks great... lots of fantastic talent there!
I have been looking for a friendly, easy to use forum to join for quite awhile, bit of a novice and I need one that will be gentle with me lol... might see you in there once I feel my way round!
Great news about the interstate class... I hope it is where I think it is!

sandra said...

oops hit the 2 instead of the 3!

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