Monday, August 17, 2009

Puzzle completed!

Just a quick update from the Forbes household. Due to such a wet and windy weekend we stayed indoors for most of it! Given I had a clean scrap room again I scrapped!!! Girls did some cooking and made yummy sausage rolls for tea on Saturday along with some Banana puffs (made the recipe up as we went!)

Recently I have been investigating the additives in our food - before it always seemed too hard to work out which of those numbers were bad and then looking at each of the individual grocery items would take me forever and a day. BUT someone has done it for me!!! Odette is one of the mums in Chionia's kindy year and due to her sons allergies to additives etc she has created a fantastic business to help people like me!! I attended one of her lectures at the school which is a quick breakdown of the additives and which foods are nasty etc! An eye opener to say the least. A few weeks later I did the supermarket tour which involved going through Coles after hours with her and a small group of others where we were actually shown which products are good and which ones are not so good. Vegemite is a nasty - yeast extract is basically just about pure MSG so we are now a Marmite household (lol for those of you who know me I am a vegemite girl from way back so not happy Jan!!) Anyway we have cut out a lot of unnecessary additives in our food and along with the $10.00 book which lists it all for me we are slowly getting rid of those nasties - it is surprising that a lot of the well branded foods such as Kraft are some of the worst on the market - because of the mass production of the food, extra's are added into it. So if it means buying the Nestle vanilla ice-cream instead of Peters then we will and we have noticed a huge difference in the girl's behaviour as well. If anyone is interested in the booklet just leave me a massage and I can give you Odette's contact details.

Alice gets her needles today so guess who is having a cuddle tomorrow all by myself!!!!! I have to go by myself because when I take the girls on Sunday I don't think I will have much of a chance!!

Twiddleybitz is going great guns - lots of exciting things happening atm - Aussie Scrap Source have picked them up and it is going really really well YAY!!! Lots of new releases coming up as well as some interesting idea's floating around - My first lot of Twiddleybitz classes start next month so have been busy working on those projects - check out the DT blog for Sonja's challenge

Here is a few things I created over the weekend! Loving the fern leaves atm!!

Also in my clean up I pulled out the puzzles pieces I got the girls to do at last years retreat in Melbourne - I had popped them away because I am still waiting on 2 to be sent back to me but figured I could just glue them on if they arrive!! Love this - I now have it above my scrap table as a reminder of a fantastic weekend!

lol I also found my camera battery charger in the clean up!!!


sandra said...

That puzzle looks freakin' AWESOME!
What a great idea!!
Was recommended to pop into your site by a mutual friend, she thought I would like your style.. well she was wrong... I LOVE it! lol.

Thanks for the inspiration.

nuttyscrapper said...

Ok it is all done now Mel I will post to you tomorrow. ope it has been worth loooooog wait LOL

Sorry for being so slack


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
We are cutting back on additives here too, but making our own butter, icecream etc. I have just bought a thermomix - and it's amazing for making fresh healthy yummy food.
hope you are well

Angela said...

I would give you a "massage" for odettes details but you live too far away! lol I have long thought about all the additives but I am too lazy! Lovin' your TB stuff and the puzzle is gorgeous! hope you are well! Ange X

amanda hall said...

ooooooooh that puzzle looks bloody amazing!!

Glad to see it all put together! What fantastic memories and pmsl at the glass of wine next to it!!

how appropriate :)

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