Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to those who scrap I ask a few questions.....

to do with retreats.....

I just want to know your experiences - what you loved, what you hated, what you remember - how far you would drive, how much you would pay, what was important - a nice hot shower, private accommodation or were you willing to revert back to high school years with a bunk bed in plastic just for a few hours sleep..... was scrapping space essential, how about how far would you drive, how much would you fork out or are you interested in classes, beauty treatments, alcohol.....lol!!

I want to hear all about it.......you can email me if you want to keep it quiet - let me know what you love and what you hate......

more later from me - will keep you guessing lol!!

just after feedback from a variety of sources - even if you are from oversea's - all comments I will take on board!!!


nuttyscrapper said...

Sounds interesting Mel !!!

travel depends on the company for good company I will go a long way LOL

Must have hot shower

Must have good food and drink

Good Scrap space

Place to sit relax and chat

Beauty Maybe

Waiting to hear what this is all about now LOL


amanda hall said...

Hey Mel.

I guess i am a fairly easy to please kind of person. The accomodation doesn't need to be fancy - nor does the food. I am not interested in massive price tags attached to any retreat.

Shared accomodation is fine, a clean bathroom/shower facility and good amounts of food served regularly. On the E2C we also provide nibbles (lollies during the day and cheeses, dips and biccies at night).

The previous two years we had complimentary champers on arrival which isn't overly popular so we wont do that again.

We always have a little giveaway - something that has both their name and the retreat on it. Just a keepsake and everyone loves those. We have also given goodie bags for each person with some cool products in them.

Drive wise....hmmm i guess i would drive 4 or so hours to a retreat - but as you know have flown and been involved in much longer distances so it isn't really a issue if I really want to go to a particular retreat.

Class wise: layouts are popular. We found that most people were overwhelmed with too many classes - one or two a day MAX. Keep the pace going so they finish in good time so everyone has free time to do their own scrapping.

Games wise - keep it also to a minimum as people hate being interrupted too much.

All i can think of now chook. Will talk more on msn.

amanda hall said...

will also say that it is nice to be able to have alcohol on the premises too - i found that a bit of a bum with the scraptac one.......felt like school camp LOL.

Anonymous said...

I will travel however far for the right retreat. :) I am also not fussy on accommodation as long as there is a bed and shared accommodation is no problem. A hot shower is a must!!!

Alcohol is also definitely a must.


sandra said...

I have to agree with everything Amanda said... especially as I went to the E2C retreat and it was brilliant! They just had everything covered.
For me all I need is a generous area to scrap, some food, drinks, shower and a place to lay my head, not too fussy.. a swag will even do! lol

and most importantly good company and a strong coffee in the morning.

at the E2C retreat I got all of the above plus a hell of a lot more than I expected.

maryanne r said...

hi mel
Have only been to 1 the 'escape to create'organised by amanda, tiff meredith and sue, and it was fantastic,great value for money,food and accommodation all provided, lots of goodies,great people and the whole weekend was awesome.
one must have for me, is a clean bed, and toilet.

Tracy said...

I have been to many retreats and what I look for is...
* The accommodation doesn't need to be 5star, just so long as it is clean and the beds are comfortable and the room can be heated or cooled if needed. I am happy to share, preferable twin share, but have done more.
* The food doesn't need to be fancy, just good ol' fashioned home cooking that is plentiful and delicious.
* The scrapping space, as long as there is room enough for you to place you stash around you, and when you push back your chair to stand up your have room.
* Toilets and somewhere to get a cuppa and a cold drink close by.
* Hot shower is a must.
* Traveling... I have gone interstate, but would prefer about a 2 hour drive max.
* A goodie bag/pressie always goes down well with the guests.
* Classes can be tricky... you are NEVER going to please everyone... So a layout class, card class and an OTP is probably the way to go.

can't wait to see what you are up to.
trac x

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