Thursday, September 10, 2009

Licorice All sorts

lol!! Yummy too!!

Lots of bits and bobs today!!

Where to start

Family run down - all well now - Miss C had a gastro attack on Monday night where she just wouldn't stop throwing up all night long - so we both looked like zombies on Tuesday. Noone else got sick so knowing Chionia she licked or ate something she shouldn't have hhmmm....wonder where she got that gene from....

Jess had Sports day last Friday - beautiful day (we even got a little bit sunburnt!) She came 3rd in her running race and 4th in the star relay. She has also been selected for the first time to do Pass ball for the interschool carnival YAY Go Jess!!! Chionia had her first kindy running race and came third - too cute before the race she said to me "Mummy I can't run in a straight line I wibble wobble!" So I said to look at me and run straight at me and she did!!

Busy weekend - Jess also had her first Piano Concert where she played for the first time on a grand piano and did a fantastic job!!!! Very well polished - brought back memories of quite a few piano concerts from my childhood lol!! One girl played a beauitful song called "River runs in you" (I believe it may be in Twilight) which I have managed to find free on the net, have printed it out and learning it! It has been a while since I have learnt a new piano song hehe.

Both girls have a fun day at school today - Jess is off to Subi to see a new theatre production called Fatty Wombat and Chionia has the farm animals coming to visit! Pity it is such a wild and wet day here (can't wait for summer I know we need the rain but it hasn't stopped raining for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!)

Fathers Day - we let Gary sleep in for a little while so I could get brekkie organised and the girls cause they woke soooooooo early. Gave him his pressies and the girls spent the night before making cards. I let them loose with my cuttlebug and cardstock and watched them come up with awesome cards - Chionia was funny - she came up to me after embossing her card and cutting out butterflies "Mummy can I please have that black stuff for the edges of the butterfly?" meaning she wanted to ink it - I let her have my ink sponge and she soooo carefully inked them all - I think she has been watching me more than I realise - quite often when I scrap she stands and watches over my shoulder...

We had a yummy lunch at Helens before coming home to relax :)

Anyone interested in buying a 28foot Razorline boat - just needs fitting out!!! Call Gary on 0417 919 442!!

OK Scrapping.........

Also a couple of spots left in my Twiddleybitz class at Just Scrapbooking on September 19th... Here is a sneaky peak for you of what we will be doing.....

3 Angels kicks off again next week - keep a look out from Sunday for the DT :)


Mystical Scrapbooks September Animal Instincts Cyber crop
Let's get wild and bring out the animal is us all!!

Scrap the pets, zoo or the 'animal encounters while on holiday' photo's....or the other animals in our lives! like the kids swinging in a tree!

Lets get right into the fab range of animal colours and textures, and animal word play for titles and quotes!

Mystical Cyber Crop starts 7pm Friday 11th September....get ready for a week-end of fantastic challenges, fun games and lots of chatting!

To be in the running for vouchers from the fantastic Mystical Shop Head over to the forum and sign up (

And there is more.........

Sissey Kits has been taken over by the lovely Kat Hall who asked if I would be a guest designer for her first kit - of course I said yes so have been busy playing with it - check out for some great kits!!!! First kit is being released next week :)

Di is also having a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE - 50% off everything in store starting 9.30am sharp tomorrow.Be early cause it will all go!

hhmmm I think that is it for the moment - my toes are cold and I am going to go searching for a pair of socks and to fold up my huge pile of washing.......before tackling Chionia's room where I can't see the floor.

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sandra said...

Glad to see that Chionia is feeling better. Love that look of determination on her face during the race. Congratulations to Jess! you go girl!
That sneak peak of your class looks awesome! *sigh* to WA being so far away.:(

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