Monday, July 20, 2009

you never know what will happen when you go bushwalking!!

perhaps an impromptu photo shoot!!!! Not very far at all from mum and dads place is this quaint little wooden seat between 2 trees in the middle of nowhere.....noone around except a few kangaroos and just perfect to get some photo's of the girls!!! I just love them - guess what I will be scrapping in the near future..... Thanks dad :)

Got back yesterday from a few days down south - always love escaping down there but has been a bit hard inbetween work etc. A bit of a delayed start due to my car grrrrr and then Chionia got a tummy bug (I am thinking she ate something she shouldn't have perhaps like perfume.....) Rain nearly all the way down there - took nearly 4 hours instead of 3 and the rain didn't stop - it was on and off the whole time we were there - BUT - I love it down there in winter so it was ok!! Nothing like snuggling up with a dog or 4 and a roaring fire and great company! The girls had a ball with their cousin Ben and little Monty I think will sleep for the next week!

Back to reality now - work school dance piano swimming.......the list goes on - throw in a few classes and I will still be chasing my tail I think.

However one thing I won't be doing is my design work for 3 Angels Scrapping - Jo and Rosy have decided to close the forum and gallery so they can spend more time with their family - I know at the retreat when Heike announced she was leaving to start her own site up.....that they told us things would go on a more casual approach - since then though they found out a few truths that perhaps should have been announced more honestly - as a result the design team shrunk down to just me with others going elsewhere ......I think with all of that and the time it takes to run such a wonderful forum and gallery their families were needing them so it is goodbye to all at 3 Angels as of tonight it will be no more :( :( :( I would have loved to stay on - the ladies there are awesome - no bitchiness that you get at other forums (although a bit more honesty could have helped I think!) so I will miss a lot of the friendships I have gained since joining 2.5 years ago. I am so glad I was able to come to the retreat and meet you all :) Thankyou Jo and Rosy - you guys are gorgeous and enjoy your time with your family :) THe shop is still open though and atm you can grab a bargain with everything 30% off till the end of the month :) :)

Me - I will be kept busy - although I have resigned from Di's shop I am still teaching and have decided to go freelance with Twiddleybitz - so if you are in Perth you can contact me ( or Nic at Twiddleybitz if you would like me to teach a class or two at your store. I can design classes especially for your clientele or I will have some on standby!! You will be able to catch me at Just Scrapbooking (08) 9417 3665 in September for a fun filled Saturday with 2 classes being planned as we speak (hehe I have got the photo's - above - and the idea so now to create something special!)

School goes back tomorrow and I must say I have enjoyed these holidays the best in years - normally I am running around with work etc but this time no work and no car meant a bit more time at home to catch up on things..

got a few loads of washing to do and a roof to nail down so it doesn't flap like it did in these winds and rain... :)

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