Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bali Safari continues.....

But first has anyone seen my camera charger.....................not happy Jan - It has gone for a little walk - just as I need to take photo's of my masters stuff!!!!

Just finished my double LO for the masters comp so all that is left to do now is work out the material list, write my blurb on me, find a half decent photo and then pack it all up and post it off!! Love my double - it turned out just how I wanted it to using those particular photo's :)

Anyway before life got busy I was blogging about Bali and had got up to my favourite day there - the Bali Safari park :) It was just a totally magical day and I would recommend anyone going to Bali to go and visit it. It is located about an hour out of Kuta - we hired to mini buses for the day to take us there - the girls went with Aunty Maurs, Uncle Neil Jason and Eta in one car and we went in the other - we lost them not long after leaving the hotel but half way there we found them pulled over at the side of the ride with a cop on a motorbike hehe - all the cop wanted was a cigarette!!!! Gary on the way bought a newspaper through the crack in his window for about $10.00 only to find once he opened it and we had taken off at the lights that it was about 3 months old pmsl!!!!

We go there eventually lots of laughs along the way (remember I was in the car with NO KIDS!!) lined up and got our passes - before we left Perth I organised for us to have the Leopard pass which entitled us to just about everything in the park - orangutan cuddle, patting the lion, tram ride etc - otherwise you had to pay for each adventure in the park on top of your admission - all up about $200.00 for the 4 of us including lunch - great value!!! We also received a welcome drink and hat upon arrival as well :)

In we went - grabbing a stroller for Chionia as well (YAY!!! Well worth the 50000rph to hire it!) First stop was to Cuddle the orangutan Ronnie - this is what I wanted to do - had to do and oh it was so worth it - Ronnie was gorgeous - his skin was so so soft and his fur quite wiry!! His long fingers kept tickling the back of my neck - sad to think that perhaps in a few decades or our lifetime that orangutans may become extinct - a once in a lifetime opportunity we tried to explain to the girls..

Then on past the beautiful stunning birds

and off to see some lions!! This one though was very dopey - I think a bit drugged up perhaps which is a bit sad.....He did look a bit old with a few battlescars as well but not many people can say they have patted a lion so here you go!!

Then we jumped aboard the tram to take us on a 30 min tour of the animals - we saw owls, deers, crocodiles, elephants, orangutans, gibbons, sunbears, birds, tigers, leopards, hippos Lions, zebra's camels, water buffalos and more I haven't even heard of lol!!

The tigers were just stunning - literally only meters from the tram - they had a platform they were on and then jumped off when they heard another vehicle approach - apparently it was feeding time for them!!!

Still with me!!!! Lunch was next at the Uma restaurant - now we had a set lunch in aircon - the others were suppose to be sitting outside but we persuaded them to let them sit in the aircon with us!!! hehe

We then went in search of the elephant ride. On the way we found the beautiful white tigers and one that I could even pat!!! THis tiger was only 15months old and very frisky - kids were not allowed to touch or pat him and had to keep their distance - needless to say I was ready to run!!!

Then we found the elephants......down the ramp so we could easily climb on their backs! and Off we went - I am glad it was only a 20 minute ride as they were bumpy!!!! CHionia's and Gary's elephant wouldn't stop eating!!

Time was running out and we went in search of the rest of the Forbes in the rollercoasters......not for me!!

Our lifts had arrived to take us home and on the way we stopped into a silver shop where I got 2 special pandora beads - a lion and a spacer!! THen back to the hotel for a longed for swim and a bintang!!

One of the best days ever!!!


Kat Hall said...

love, love, love the tiger pics Mel - you may have convinced me with these pics that I need to go to

:) Tiff said...

wow. photography essay. long time to upload all these Mel. worth the effort tho.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of your holiday....lots to Scrap. Met you on the Jarrahdale Retreat but I spent most of the time "wheeling" Yvonne about and sorting out my totes. Came home with lots of inspiration from all of you "Twiddleybitzers". God bless, keep up the amazing work for JS! Hope to see you again.
Little Aud

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