Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well what have I been up to....

I have been visiting here....

visiting Sydney for the 3Angels Scrapping retreat where I taught my fairy xhadow box class to my biggest class ever!!! From what I believe - they all got their hands dirty so they passed!! Great bunch of ladies - I hope they enjoyed it!

It was a long flight home - 6 hours due to the severe storm weather Perth had been experiencing that Vic and SA have had in the last few glad that is over with! Ocean Reef had the highest wind gusts recorded during that time - I swear the pergola was going to fly away!! A big thanks to mum who came up and took over mummy duties whilst away - this included a swimming lesson, a school disco which got cancelled at the last minute via text to me who then had to forward it onto 3 people as I didn't know who was taking Jess to her first senior disco! a piano lesson, ballet lesson, a visit to the girls new cousin Alice who is going great guns!! 2.5 weeks old already!!!

Then on Sunday Chionia had a ballet and tap exam - lucky mum!!!

I was suppose to be home by 8.30pm but it was nearly 10.30pm before I got my cuddle from the girls and Gary! SO ready for bed - mental note - fly qantas - much more leg room!!!

Had my last day at the shop on Tuesday - sad yes but i am enjoying not having the job of being there!! I miss all the gorgeous customers who would call througha nd thankyou to those who turned up to say good bye - it isn't goodbye I will still be teaching there!! Just getting priorities in order at home and enjoying it!!

Scrapping wise - done a few things - masters is due in a few weeks so busy finishing all of that off - yes I am entering again -I must be a sucker for punishment but as I have told others I love what I have done and if I can join along the ride then YAY!!!

End of the school term - both girls got awesome reports - just need to work with Chionia on learning how to sort out arguements - she can't do it like she does with Jess!!

Also proud mummy moment - a few weeks ago Jess was watching Random Acts of Kindness on TV where a girl her age raised a heap of money fundraising - unbeknown to us she wrote a letter to her school principal asking if they could do a free dress day and if they could give the money to her to donate to the hospital where Aunty Maureen went for her breast cancer journey. Mr Smith called me up and asked (obviously they couldn't give Jess the money but) where would we like it donated - the Breast Cancer Foundation. Well yesterday was the free dress day Jess had asked for and the school raised an even $550.00 :) :) :) and all it took was some guts and a letter.

Must run - have some birdcages which need turning and made white on the other side lol!!
Take care all :)


Meredith Treloar said...

Hi Mel!! Wishing you all the very, very best for your Masters entry ... so hope they pick you this year!!

Sounds like you have been busy. Keep thinking of our trip to Scraptac retreat last year ... not sure of the exact dates but July sometime ;-) Oh so much fun!!!!

:) Tiff said...

stand up and take a bow Jess. What a champion of doing good deeds. I admire her courage. I wish all other kids in this world were as compassionate. We would all be 'doing' and not just 'talking' then. adults and kids.

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