Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am loving Ikea!!

A few weeks ago (lol and a few months!!) Sonia posted a photo of some decals she had won and had popped up on her walls - I thought they looked awesome and really changed the area they were placed in!

Anyway as I am shopping in Ikea - went there for Ellen's hooks (which were out of stock sorry Ellen! will be going back though!) and also was chasing their additive free cordial which is YUMMY!!!!! Browsing through with Chionia and discovered these poppies so had to grab them - very cheap and I love how they have just brightened up my hallway!!

I also got a heap of wicker baskets for Jess to organise her shelves with and some things for the fridge - it is amazing how much more in control you feel when things are tidy and organised!! YAY!!

Been busy - a crap day yesterday - Telstra's mobile network tower just up the road from us is being repaired so it will take 2-3 days but atm no mobiles for us (carol did you get a text from me last night????) This was only discovered after spending about 2.5 hours on the phone with them yesterday - I wish you could just speak to a human - I have learnt though if you keep asking with the word consultant after about 3 tries you will be put through to one :) Car also decided to fall apart again - this time something to do with the brakes so I am borrowing cars etc till we work out what is wrong.....

BUT on a good note I spent the weekend creating :) Twiddleybitz will be at the craft fair at the Claremont Showgrounds this Friday - Sunday so you can pop down and see these creations irl if you like!! I will be there one of the days (all depending on cars atm!) and Sherry has flown in from Sydney and will be teaching a small easel frame as well :) Please excuse the green pool in the background and I am stil lusing the point and shoot so not that happy with the photo themselves but my charger is winging its way to Perth as I type YAY!!!!!

Nic's here to pick up my TBZ stuff :) so take care all :)

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Bev said...

Love the poppies Mel. Are you driving the midget car again. See you at class tonigh

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