Sunday, November 30, 2008

Virus PITA

haven't they got better things to do with their time than invent virus's that distrupt our lives.....grrrrr.....still sorting it out but for the moment the computer is working so here I am :)

Dancing rehearsals are in full swing - I think I am up there nearly every day a week atm for the next three weeks. Trying to sort out costumes - Chionia is a plum pudding and a fairy - the plum pudding is done so can tick that off and the fairy skirt isn't too much to do - will get to that sometime this week I hope. Jess's on the other hand omg - every year we have drama's trying to get costumes - Nanna makes them for Jess which she loves but we always seem to get the patterns or material late - well we have the material but was given the wrong pattern for it - two weeks later I am still waiting for the dressmaker/daughter to remember to bring it in so I can get a photo of the costume so we know what we are making!!! Grrrr as if I haven't got enough things to chase up.....

Chionia has had her orientation at kindy this week and loves her new teacher - Mrs Newton and Mrs Bartley. She can't wait till she starts next year.

Still no word on the masters - I think I am just about over but then I think I could still have a chance hehe..

Scrapping - been busy - Twiddleybitz have had some new products which they launched last weekend when I taught the advent house to some Perth Store owners :) Great afternoon :)

hhmmm just noticed no button to add photo's .....brb once I work out what is happening! Nope have no idea - you will have to pop over to my gallery at 3 Angels :)

still no buttons - maybe PB will work for me





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Anonymous said...

Dear Mel
Hope your computer is up and running soon.....Maybe you didn't make top 10 in the masters...but you know we all think your work is just AMAZING !!!!! Congrats...
See yopu soon Mel

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