Wednesday, December 10, 2008

getting there.................

Boy a lot has happened in the last few weeks....including my computer being taken away and repaired for virus's and a new hard drive - luckily we didn't lose too much info etc but bigpond are being PITA at the moment saying there is a problem with my email account and they may get it fixed within 4 days....grrrr.....

Also having problems logging into EB and 3AS now....will try and sort that out in a tic

First of all a HUGE congrats to this years Masters at SM. Unfortunately I didn't make the top 10 but life goes on and I love the work I did. My single LO got a HM so I can't show that (now that did surprise me as this was the one I was worried about!!! Thought they would have loved my keepsake...........)

so here they are in all their glory!!

Double LO

Calendar - I stamped inside each page with different stamps and used pearlex
powders :) A row for me and one for each of the girls :)

and my keepsake - a scrapping tote........ this was a LOT of work!


jodyg said...

WOW!! They are freakin' crazy!! They are all just beautiful Mel!! You sure are one hell of a talented chick!!

Meredith Treloar said...

Your entries are sensational Mel!! Still can't believe you didn't get the top 10.

We know that you are amazing!! :-)

Rachel said...

What gorgeous work Mel - that tote looks fantastic! Sorry you didn't get in the top 10, but congrats on the HM!

Angela said...

I LOVE your entries!!! You rock sweetie!

amanda hall said...


fant bloody tastic Mel.

they must be blind ;-)

heike said...

Absolutely awesome Melanie. What did the masters come up with to beat this?

Binxcat1 said...

Wowsers! That TOTE is tha bomb! Can't wait to see your HM in the mag.

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