Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life is busy and it isn't even December yet!!

So much has been happening but nothing really in the scheme of things hehe..

First of all Maurs is back in hospital. We were all around at the Ings on Tuesday for Melbourne Cup day and had a great day - Maurs looked great - even sporting a gorgeous pixie hair do now!! But she went downhill on Wednesday again. By Saturday she could hardly breathe once more - she had some xrays done during the week and Joondalup hospital called and told them to come in straight away. So it turns out she has either pleurisy again or pneumonia....not sure as we have heard 2 different diagnosis - I think Neil is a little stressed and has it mixed up from what we have heard but will head there today to find out what the hell is going on!

The shop - woohoo - is just about finished and not far off reopening - apparently it is looking fantastic - can't wait to see it ready to go - we have some exciting auctions and things happening and loads of new stock on order which I hope arrives asap!!

Me - been a bit quiet with scrapping - wii has taken over a bit! Had the nephews etc here quite a few times playing golf and bowling etc on the wii sports. But I do have some stuff I am allowed to share now!! Lots of dt stuff for Twiddleybitz and 3AS Twelve weeks of Christmas :)

Will be back later today with some more photo's!

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